In search of Truth (Gandhian Philosophy)

Braja K Sorkar
We don’t accept the truth easily,
as we don’t know what the truth is.
Everything I knew so long as truth
Is actually a form of lie.

Bapu sought the real truth, searched in 
and tested himself time and again
for the truth till death.
He was the real worshiper of truth, 
The ambassador of God. 
To him,
Ram and Rahim,
Both are truth indeed.
Hay Ram!
He uttered and left the world
For ever!

 Mahatma said
In fact, violence is our main enemy, 
Nonviolence is the absolute friend- 
He knew that 
But the world not yet.

He bets his own life and abandoned violence.
God has no party, no nation, no religion-
Mahatma taught it. 

Humanity is God’s religion – 
He held this truth for mankind!
Still we can’t hear it. 
Are we deaf and dumb? 

Bio: Braja K Sorkar, a bilingual poet, Editor, Translator and Essayist. His major published work includes - Nine titles in Bengali (Poems and Prose) and a collection of English poems “Syllables of Broken silence” and selected poems of Hiren Bhattacharya (Assamese) in Bengali translation.
He is the editor of the prestigious literary journal ’Trstoop’ since 2001. He edited an anthology of world English poetry, titled ’Voices Now: World Poetry Today’ and also Modern Manipuri Poetry in translation. Recently he started a new International Literary journal in English, titled ‘DURGAPUR REVIEW’.

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