Poetry: Alka Balain

Alka Balain
I had left my soul behind 
and forgotten my way to it.
My mystic friend had to 
deliver by making me drink 
the sea in his eyes.
I drift in its waters, and 
he sweeps in silence.
I turn into a still wind.
I hear the bulbul notes.
I listen to what the breeze says 
to the daisies that make them gaily. 
I sit under the night sky and 
talk with the stars, not about 
myself or my friend anymore
As I savour my ginger tea, I also 
tell you what my friend told me: 
all are equal.
But poetry and painting 
came hand in hand
and refuted us both.
They started to sing
Beak and Wings, 
unexpectedly sneaking 
while we played seek and run, 
humbling us both. 
Is there something beyond 
the two creative partners? 
I leave it to you to decipher 
who I speak about.

Divine Eyes
Oceans of purity and depth.
I swim and drown in them.
The clear, pristine waters 
reflect the light of our one soul.
Fluid and transparent waves, 
the sun rises and sets in them.
The magnetism these eyes command 
is a bridge to the divine world. 
I live in yours, or you live in mine.
I cannot decipher.
In your eyes, I melt like a candle 
and burn like a moth.
Those who did not see their purity  
have closed their eye to love.
Don’t trust these eyes, 
enemies of love say.
If I close my eyes, 
will you not reside then?
Skilful thieves they are, 
beguiling the soul away.
Will they have to atone 
for their deceptiveness 
when the jury of honour 
tries them in a court and 
ask them to confess their sin?
Our soul will stand in testimony 
to their innocence.
How can they be charged guilty 
of a crime for which they have 
only been a conduit?

Soul Seduction 

Seduction of the beloved soul
by the purest essence, Divinity.
A naked body is erotic but
is no match for a naked soul.

Seduction by an interchange 
of cosmic energies, 
I intertwine and integrate with 
the One and Only 
who activates and reconfigures,
the 5D and 3D boundaries blur. 

Without physical touch, 
seduction reaches zenith 
in its naked truth.

My fear of oblivion dies, 
for soul seduction is a forever.

Born and raised in India, Alka Balain loves poetry, painting, and swimming. Her writings have appeared/are forthcoming in Usawa Literary Review, Kitaab, AlSphere, DREICH Review, The Green Journal, Poetry India(wing of Ethos Literary Journal), The Hooghly Review, Journal of Asian Arts, Culture and Literature (JAACL), Indian periodical, Live Wire, Visual Verse, Amethyst and elsewhere. 

She has contributed to several anthologies and shared poems on many platforms: Poetry Festival Singapore, DLF Gurugram Poetry Festival, St Stephen’s College Lit Fest, and Spoke and Bird, among others. 

Alka organises literary events for the Asian Literary Society in Singapore and is working on creating an all-inclusive community. She spearheaded and curated indigenous language panel discussions published on UNESCO’s Indigenous Language portal. She presently chairs the Writing Enthusiasts’ Club of the Indian Women’s Association, Singapore. 

Her poems have been selected for the Poetry Festival of Singapore Catharsis 2021 and 2023 and featured in the Wordweavers Poetry Contest 2022. 

Instagram:  Alka Balain (@flames_and_flowers)

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