Braja Kumar Sarkar (Voices Within 2023)

Braja Kumar Sorkar, is a bilingual author, editor, translator and essayist. His major published work includes - Nine titles in Bengali (Poetry and literary essays), a collection of English poetry, titled “Syllables of Broken silence” and selected poems of Hiren Bhattacharya (Assames poet) translated into Bengali by him. Apart from above, he translated contemporary English poetry into Bengali. Braja K Sorkar is the editor of the prestigious literary journal ’Trstoop’ since 2001. He edited an anthology of world English poetry, titled ’Voices Now: World Poetry Today’ and also Modern Manipuri Poetry in translation. Recently he started a new International Literary journal in English,titled ‘ DURGAPUR REVIEW’. He received a few literary awards. His poetry has been translated into English, Hindi, Assamese and Manipuri and included in many anthologies. Contact:,


A song of night


A sleeping pill, a bit of moon,

 and endless fascination!

Night knows all, my failure and inadequacy..

You know the principles of success.


My hands and feet are running,

the head is fixed, the neighbor's

cat is sleeping on the sun.


Afternoon light hangs

from the roof cornice.

I raise my hands before

the sunset, before the vanishing blues.


Let the night stand on the porch today.

Let me dream and make the night

Sleepless without a pill.




I thought it as a miracle of

life happened to me,

an unusual break of usual breathe.

A change-over game is playing in

The middle chapter of my biography.


All the ingredients are stocked,

along with anxiety and tension

mingled with smell of victory and defeat.

I try to understand the concept of magic realism.


Going down and floating again on

the vast sea without life jacket taught me

how to reach the shore of hope…

A faint streak of light comes from

a distant light house!


In the middle of life, I needed a magical chair

To learn the principles of equilibrium.

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