Two Poems: Avantika Vijay Singh

Avantika Vijay Singh
Float free – A Dandelion

No sense of 
Anger – 
Float free.

Edges fraying
A lightness I feel  
As I float free
Melting in the gold dust on sunbeams
In the abundance of the universe.

The webs springing around my edges
Are not chains that contain me
But home to others who thrive with me
For we all live together
This world is yours and this world is mine
For whatever time we are in it.

Float free
Free in the golden sunshine
Free on the breeze
Free in my being
Free in the Universe of love.

Joyous Dance of Life

In time…
People go away,
Shedding their mortal coils.

A lifetime lived like 
A glorious grain of sand 
On the vast beach of life
Whipped to life 
by the breath of the wind 
And dancing there ecstatically 
Its dance of life!

And when the wind stops…
From its ecstatic frenzy 
It comes to rest 
Once again at one with the beach
Mingling with the vastness of the Universe
At rest on the beachfront 
To be swept away with the waves
Perhaps deposited on other shores.

And, then one day again
When the wind plays hard
The grain of sand shall rise once again
To dance its euphoric dance of life
Perhaps on those very shores
Or even distant ones
For it is its nature 
To rest and dance
Dance and rest!

But until it rises again,
All that remains is
Golden memories of the gold dust on sunbeams
Rising from the sands of time
To joyously, gracefully 
Dance its golden dance
Swirling to the lilting tunes of the wind
Whirling like a dervish on the beach.

Gold dust on Sunbeams
Floating in the sunshine…
Warming the heart
With the warmth of memories
A smile here, a laugh there…
Some heartwarming words
And the warmth of actions past
Warming the heart 
like golden sunshine on a winter morning.

Bio: Avantika Vijay Singh is a writer, editor, poet, researcher, and photographer. She is the author of two solo poetry books i.e., Flowing… in the river of life and Dancing Motes of Starlight (her debut eBook). She is the winner of the Nissim International Award Runner Up 2023 2023 and has been published in national and international journals. She also writes the blog “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives” in the Times of India with a touch of humor.


  1. I follow writings of Avantika they are so close to nature. I love her poems. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much. Grateful for your support.


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