Of change, harmony and more in the New Year

Sunil Sharma
We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
The last editorial of the last month of the year 2023!
Another year fades into oblivion.

A new one dawns on a dim horizon, full of possibilities, unseen challenges and storms that always carry their solutions within themselves, in their cores---like the silver linings on a dark cloud; the rays of the sun-light trying to peep out from behind cold curtains of mists; the right kind of fertile soil, after every flood.

As the great teacher Rumi declares with aplomb, a profound truth about the inevitability of change:
Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
Goodbye 2023!
Welcome 2024!
May the New Year hold the very best for you in its coming months and bring in ample measures---for a productive and meaningful existence on a planet that also urgently needs healing, the things that make the transient mortal journey bearable and worthy of living, every minute to be lived most joyfully, despite minor setbacks---the following things: glory, wellbeing, peace, prosperity and Wa () that roughly translates from the Japanese into English, as harmony.
Harmony with society and nature.
So essential, so vital for us all.
The December edition comes packed with rich features that will give aesthetic delight.
The emphasis is on creating a harmonious blend of prose and poetry, visual and audio-visual elements of communication, literary and artistic for our valued readers.
Happily, Setu Bilingual has crossed 42 lakhs in viewership, all thanks to your support in the last seven years.
Setu’s YouTube interviews are further continuation of our mission to diversify the appeal and reach through audio-video mode, and via this platform, continue to have some critical conversations with select artists/authors that are making a solid difference through their contributions to their chosen fields of literary engagements and fields.
This month also brings a lot of variety in terms of form and content. 
An exclusive work by the noted artist-philosopher from Australia, Robert Maddox Harle (aka Rob Harle) focuses on the crucial intersections of art and technology, a rewarding read.
Talking of another brave new world, Rob states: "We are now on the threshold of transition from human to artificial human! I have been investigating this phenomenon for many years, academically, but especially through poetry and art."

It is a pleasure following the creations by Rob.
Another important feature is the Japanese short poetry form of Sabi.
Curated by the young and inimitable Jerome Berglund, it showcases masters of this challenging genre---sheer delight!
Other creatives, too, bring their best and enrich Setu by their towering presence!
As usual, we remain grateful to our contributing authors for their support.
more to come in the year 2024.

Take care!


Sunil Sharma,

Managing Editor (Setu, English)

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