Poetry: Abhik Ganguly

Abhik Ganguly
Meditating on Ganges at 1 A.M. in Kashi

Sweet winds off
the Ganges, wafted my hair
While the flames leapt on
one another at the eternal pyre.
The melancholic boatman
looking at least a hundred years 
old, narrated legends that
sounded hauntingly familiar.
Dance of the leaping 
flames, immediately arrested
in reflections of Ganges, made
it look like a river of fire.
When we stepped on
the shore, somebody cried
out my name, in the dulcet
voice I’d ever heard.
Turned around to find
an Aghori, with his arms
open wide, calling me like a 
Mother calls her child.
His eyes met mine
As all dualities ceased to be,
We weren’t two persons, but
one now dancing in eternity.

The Convalescent Flâneur

With the strange and sublime
sun going down 
The convalescent flâneur waded
past the nudges and grudges 
in the Delhi Metro
With the courteous announcer
announcing bilingually overhead

Slightly panicked on seeing some
maskless faces
They prayed their metro station 
come sooner than later
As an old man with a new smartphone
kept staring at them,
quietly into their empty soul.

The station arrived as does death
Darted they into the closest auto
like an arrow from a bow
Afterwards stood in a little queue 
as they made a cashless payment
For entry into the paradise
on this scorched earth.

The Flâneur’s Spring-song

The weather romantic in
a roughly rustic way
like most springs
enacting an ancient play.

Paved sidewalks
A tree stuck in the rock
Slither ribs into young leaves
peals of laughter.

Whilst clouds kiss the roof 
of metro stations, commuters 
wait like long-lost 
lovers of preceding generations.

Bio: Abhik Ganguly is a Research Scholar pursuing PhD at the Department of English, University of Delhi. He did his post-graduation in English Literature from the Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia. He is a resident of Delhi, with his native roots in Tagore's Shantiniketan, West Bengal. He has won prestigious events like the ‘Poetry on Spring’ contest organized by House of Harmony 2023, besides winning the Amity International Literature Festival’s 'Comic Trivia' which included short story writing and 'Twitterature’. His works have been published in the Creative Flight Journal and Room 16 Magazine of CES, JNU.

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