Poetry: Mereena Eappen

Mereena  Eappen
1. Our Perfect Makeup!

Makeup layers one after the other
hid our anguish and pain
therefore, our real faces are undiscovered.

Shells and bombs filled our days
we strained firmly to mask our tears
with enough primer and foundations 
to hide the blemishes of our war-torn lives.

Our winged, tearful eyes started to lose its sparkle,
got loads of concealers to cover the dark circles and it functioned glow.
Palettes of eye shadows were used frequently and
ladies created beauty vlogs to conceal the real-life trauma.

Lipsticks and lip-glosses made enticing lips
but no sweet words were voiced from them,
smokes filled the air; mascara has been applied 
but no highlighter was obviously evident.
Can I achieve a new makeup set?
So that I can share it with them
the other ladies of the war-torn world.

Men of the world, what do you use
to veil those sorrows?
Is it a jam-packed life
that holds you back from a perfect makeup?
Miseries come and go
but Horace says carpe diem!
Apply a bottle of setting spray,
let the masked face look contented and cheerful
for this is your life, 
you deserve to live and smile more,
but no joy of righteousness ever,
beauty and makeups are no more
vanished from this soil where tanks and boots fill the space.

2. Existence

Existence is like a marathon
that cannot be forbidden, we must track
this incessant route that we travel at particular points
the track is hard, occasionally it is enjoyable as well.
Yet the journey is extensive
we don’t compel to do it unaccompanied
by your side.
I’m ferocious and I’m fragile
with you I can steer through the indefinite road.
This road is all-embracing and bristly
but we requisite bash progressing.
Stepping bygone hinder
and observe the past of the discomfort ahead.
Don’t halt and yell at the nuggets that made you fall.
If you can’t grow up, at slightest crawl
you got to move headlong
and not once be restricted
by the views that shaped an imperceptible edge.

Life is firm.
Life may leave several blemishes,
but not ever be scared
of what lies gaining.
You dismiss and become concluded.
You just prerequisite some guarantee
and the trust that work out for the best.
When survival is miserable, you eschew and recoil up.

No trouble, you have to catch up.
Being may be hard,
but this one can also be exciting.
Discover diverse trails
and grip up your flag.

3. Snowflakes

The snowflakes in the photograph were like 
drops of rain,
the finest being chopped and cropped 
but turned frozen into icy sands, 
and slackened down just adequately, 
that they meandered
leisurely through the clouds.

Bio: Mereena Eappen is a doctoral candidate from the English Department of St. Thomas College- Palai, India. She lives in the mountain ranges of Kerala. Her poems are housed in The Alipore Post, Poet’s Choice, Madras Courier and upcoming in the Borderless Journal. Musings on life, photography; and content writing are her further interests.

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