Poetry: Morley Cacoethes

Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road VIII  

The history of this shrine calls the mountain.
The goddess of the shrine is widely called
for her fidelity is birthly known
to eat then give them fish. That is why,
also, the shrine is wide towards the mountain.
Flowers blossom the features of the cauldron.
My main companion told me its story: the goddess
of smoke, forbidden for her fidelity,
the goddess of the poets, forbidden herself.

Pebbles of Desolation XVII 

Oh, three or four over creation. Well,
I hope so. Ol’ Morley’ll find
a nice shady spot and pick you
to do the zigzags all oven hot. Just keep
the fire and go to wait. You keep
pouring wood in those. I don’t know.
I’m only going to pay you to just keep
pouring wood in it. We’re only going
to come up here to wail our long silence.

Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road XV

To see what remains of them are young
and very lived in this province. The priest
is lively company, and sets out, walking
stick in hand, for this temple. Some men
offered to see what remained of his hut
in which most of the temple remains,
where most of the priest once told me
he had written this province on a stone.

A Jazz Haiku



Even cinderblocks
and chain link windows cannot
stop Buddha, stop Zen.

A crash of lake waves
rushes the weed smoke into
my lungs for Buddha.

Sitting zazen, I 
find myself alone with me
until Buddha comes.

BIO: Morley Cacoethes currently resides in Northeast Ohio where he attends "the people's university" while trying to stay warm and find a permanent residence.

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