The noise of salvation

Narzine Bani Hashem

I wonder who we are?
Is it me?
And you?
who are we ?
Are we still the same planting
Did we come from the same seeds?
Why did we disagree?
And why did we move away?
We lost the compass and the link.
We no longer use the same sentence
We no longer mean the same terms
The uterus that carried the pregnancy for nine months ruptured
He gave birth, breastfed, and sang sleepless nights
Songs for a homeland whose sun has not yet risen
And his moon calls from afar with the sound of bullets
Oh man, who are you?
I still have those same bones
And the same vein?
Oh man, where are you?
Is there a box in you?
It contains that tender essence?
Oh man, when will you come back?
And when does dawn come after sunset?
We were lost in doubts and doubts
We were filled with bitterness and behavior was lost
Lightweight butterflies
Or wishes we flirt with hearts
We give this sweet night
The other is tears of joy and sadness.
O human,
Your melodies are no longer in harmony
O coming temple
 From raw clay
I became your atoms
Scattered under rubble
The voices are calling you
Oh pile of flesh and bones
Are there no more rings in your heart?
Or even a tremor or a shower of faith?
O dead living dead mortal
You got dust and spiders nest
And what sound can wake you up?
And the choirs sing and the trumpets call
O human,
Where is that oud singing a dream?
And the melodies of Qais’ love for the guillotine of the nights,
We only heard from you the trumpet of David
And human goblins and jinn demons
O man, stop your offspring
The alarm bell has sounded,
And he issued a vow of death
It is too late to recover
Will Hani’s death bring relief to hearts?
Expressive green and white mourning
To whom do we pray for forgiveness?
And to whom do we pray for guidance and faith?
Religions mixed with people
And the tongues extended their ears
With conversations and sermons from travel
Ibn Adam mixed the calligraphy
And the opposite of what is forbidden is what is permissible
And what is permissible in what is forbidden
The masters changed the position of the qibla
To glasses of wine and wine
O cursed human being,
Is it enough for you to plant male breasts?
The boys danced in heels
And the dress and red lips?
O human,
Our souls shook, and our souls were shaken,
And reality brought us together in final terror
We have no escape from the acrid smoke
O fate, carry us to you
A beautiful lamb worthy of legends
Our destiny was written from eternity
They have become the walls of our homes
From the flesh of martyred boys
The smell of musk calls from them
And the call rots in the blood of the nobles
O human,
Where are you from us? 
Where are we from you?
Is our kinship still uniting us?
And the breakfast table and Bilal’s call to prayer
Or the grandson of Mary and the son of Jesus
Or the grandson of Solomon or Jacob
Who are you ?
O human,
The call became gray remains
And we remained in the warmth of the crematorium
And we walked into our funerals alive
We bear our great punishment
Of that and this hammer
Our new is bloody and our old is in pieces
Our rays and sun shine
She stays in a hibernation lodge

We are the sadness of yesterday and the tears of the future
We nourish the genes of pride and stability
In the invasion of the moon at the beginning of the night
And we run silently in the shadow of the stars
And the harvest of war
Earthworms fight over it
And the poem dances in us
From the gaps of noise
No quiet corner, no quiet corner
Contain us to soften the expressions
And the meanings have not arrived yet
And the features of my words became pale
And the ringtone of my alphabet was formed
The rhyme and sounds committed suicide
The line falls silent and the comma calls out,
My poem is modern to the ear of whoever hears it
But he leads him like a blind man, feeling the tunes
A tone that is yearning and harsh, like a deadly storm
Sometimes he draws near and the idol softens for kisses
And the enormous surf of love occupies it
Rhyme announces meanings through sounds
A poem that was unknown for a while
So you are freed from the filter of prose and woes
And from all the rest of the traditional pillars
Dreams seep through the veins of meditation
And it appears between you and me in a remote space
I resigned from my equipment for a temporary period
And free the chest of my crucified heart
On the second and hour hands
So fall from my white clouds
I beg for mercy with my heartbeat
Climb the stairs of my arteries
I roam corners at night like roads
Take a look at my joy room
And he laughed with a sigh of sadness in the hallways
Rahila smiled in the hallway of memories
Then I reach a balcony overlooking my country
So I weep for him with anguish, like an orphan who fled and is caught
His mother's jilbab was crying for her help, so she slapped him
My ice melted and my fire glowed
And the passion danced in my chest like prayers
My thought prostrates and kneels to him as if it were
My thought prostrates and kneels to him as if it were a belief
When revolutionary blood engulfs you
And those genes wear on you
You and anger become coherent
As a rock that witnessed legends of life.

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