Of Spring, deification and things new

Sunil Sharma

A source of enduring joy! Harbinger of change of mood and perceptions. Constant companion.
Even in a dystopic society, with climate change a grim reality, the treeless and flowerless landscapes cannot prevent the multi-hued presence from appearing. As Pablo Neruda declares prophetically:
“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
How true!
So is Count Tolstoy rooted in an agrarian vision:
“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Spring as the fountainhead of new beginnings, post-wintry months of cold and dark nights.
Christina Rossetti nails it the best:
“Spring is when life’s alive in everything.”


Three different takes on the eternal appeal and magic of spring---nature’s best gift to humankind.
The brief season of the natural colours that lend an enchanting look to the dull ground and paints earth in the splendour of hues that are matchless in subtle tones and varieties, almost staggering in the totality of wide range and overarching visual and olfactory effect on human mind---and heart.
Folks more prosaic become ad-hoc poets by turning to poetry and quoting the masters in their respective languages, most in the first flush of youth or in the autumn of life, recalling its transcendental loveliness.

Some bold ones even attempt composing lines inflamed with the love and passion of a young romantic in search of doomed ideals in a commercial culture.
It touches souls in its own ways.

Civilizations celebrate the power of Vasant or Spring in words, colours and lines, and musicians churn out songs dedicated to the transformative power and beauty of the season.
It is time to celebrate the revival, rebirth and spiritual awakening through festivals, folk arts and music.
Communities coming together and enjoying the spell.

Of change.

Of air so fragrant that the lovers faint, resting in the shady meadows, near the murmuring brooks, in valleys hugged by the hills and woods, away from the prying eyes.

Pictured as goddesses in every culture, Spring brings vitality and fresh energy. Mostly deified as a female divinity or a mother caring for earth, rejuvenation and replenishment of body and spirit, lands and humans and animal kingdoms in an interconnected universe.

Inspired by the changing daily palettes, shades and smells, this month’s special call by Setu is on the same deep interconnections between nature and humanity; poetry, music and painting; female creativity, nurturing and nature, and it is titled as “Women and Spring”, a nod to both the sources of fecundity.

You will enjoy the selected poetic responses to the given theme.

Some top voices singing about spring and women, or both, as per their take on a broad topic that is an ode to female and natural powers.

We remain thankful to them and other writers featured in this edition for their support.
The usual fare that will keep you engaged for the month.

Go out and enjoy the Vasant, please!

And do write in your impressions and sensations.

Sunil Sharma,
Editor, Setu (English)

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