Satinder Kaur (Women and Spring)

Satinder Kaur
Love in the Air

Soft breeze and soothing sunshine all around
Nature awakens with a joyful sound
The birds sing sweetly perched on the trees
And flowers sway in the gentle breeze
Beneath our feet, the grass is green
A sight of beauty, a serene scene . 
In the embrace of Spring's balming kiss
Lovers dance beneath the Heaven's sweet bliss
Hand in hand, they wander through the garden rich
Their hearts entwined, their souls in sync
Whispers shared in the shower's soft sound
Confessions exchanged and love's bugle sounds

So let the love ripen, let the promises soar
The Spring season heightens the love we truly adore.

Bio: Satinder Kaur is a bilingual poet, short story writer and reviewer. She is an active member of various literary and creative platforms. Her writings are a part of several national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. She participated as a Guest Poet in World Poetry Conferences 4 and 5.  M.A & M. Phil. in English and M. Sc. in Physics, she retired as an Associate Professor & Head, PG Dept of English, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar after rendering a valuable service of teaching Post graduate and Undergraduate students for about 45 years.

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