Poetry: Gary Beck

Gary Beck

War is rarely righteous
most caused by greed,
the lust for power,
economic expansion,
many other reasons,
few are noble.
Only innocent countries
that defend themselves
against foreign invasion
may have honest cause.
Rebels invariably
want to replace
the current system
to gain the benefits
of wealth and privilege.
Patriotic wars
to defend the homeland
from foreign aggression
must be admired
for the resultant sacrifices
from the call to duty.

Tomorrow III

The nation lives in fear
painfully revealed daily
as the great separation,
malevolent conspiracy
contrived by the 1%,
or corporate acquisitions
devouring resources
meant to serve the people,
now semi-paralyzed
by implacable divisions
fostered by the media,
following the guidance
of unscrupulous leaders
who gain in influence
the further we’re apart.
The hope of democracy
that many still believe in
seems to erode faster
as the trumpets of hate
resonate in the land.

Disorder in the Land

Shootings wreck the nation,
hundreds killed,
hundreds wounded,
one lunatic after another
with a semi-automatic weapon
murdering Americans
in church, school, supermarket,
while those with power
to prevent the demented
from getting guns
refuse to act.
Some claim citizen’s rights,
others in the pay
of the righteous NRA,
with most of us afraid to see
an evil conspiracy
to keep our country distressed
so the lords of profit
continue undisturbed
as they accumulate
more and more wealth
that allows them control
of the people’s fate

Assault on Sovereignty

Flights of missiles
devastate the Ukraine
as modern warfare
sweeps the cities
killing civilians,
leveling buildings.
Determined citizens
huddle in the ruins,
listen to their father’s tales
of Nazi atrocities
in World War II
almost forgotten,
until the brutal Russians
launched multiple attacks
that did not prevent
furious resistance
by a united people.

America the Bountiful

I can never understand
my peculiar country
where millions are hungry
in a prosperous land,
our dedicated congresspersons
would rather fight each other
than help our needy people,
as millions resist vaccination,
confusing rights and religion
with health considerations.
So many complex issues
defining our nation
that opts for conflict
instead of solution
to urgent problems,
while American casinos
won more money in 2021
than ever before,
setting a record
for unproductivity.

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