Poetry: Sanjay Kumar Sarkar

Sanjay Kumar Sarkar
Who am I?

I am lost and found,
Between the lines of poetry.
Not knowing who am I?
The chosen or the damned?

In an endless whirl of ups and downs.
For a second, I am happy.
And in the next, a mental breakdown.
And after that like a king, 
I would polish my own crown,
Only to see it's reflection.
A mere melancholic clown,
Then cheer up and carve with a smile.
Only to be broken into a frown.

In a whirl of ups and downs.
I don't know who am I?
The chosen or the damned?


In Darjeeling's realm,
where mountains touch the sky,
A tapestry of nature unfolds,
unveiling sights.
Tea gardens stretch, 
their verdant hues pleasing the eye,
Whispers of history linger, 
in shadows of past delights.

The toy train chugs along,
 a nostalgic journey,
Through landscapes diverse, 
each moment a discovery.

Oh, Darjeeling, your allure captures hearts so keen,
A treasure in the Eastern heights, a land serene.

Shadow of Manipur

In Manipur's cradle, 
where hills whisper tales,
The fragrance of time trembles in every corner,
Lost masks on alleyways, 
only blending away.
Imphal's attire painted in hues, 
a singular eye like a portrait,
On the journey, some dreams linger, 
woven in the fabric of time.
The mountain's summit,
 a reflection of a journey intertwined,
Tamenglong's dance of threads,
 hears a tale close to heart.
In Loktak's waters, a captive heart's ailment,
Under Ukhrul's moonlit night,
 amid ancient trees' hidden breath,
The shadow's narrative rustles in the wind,
an untold tale.

Oh, Manipur!
Touched by a colorful history,
Bright hope in the sky,
reflected in life's dance.
In the bewildered midst of hills,
where paths cross and vanish,
Desiring to forget within time's whispers, 
Manipur's shadow, caressed by enchantment.

Bio: Sanjay Kumar Sarkar is a dilettante poet. Currently he is doing a research programme at Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University. He did his post-graduation in English Literature from the Department of English, University of North Bengal. He is a resident of Siliguri, West Bengal. He has published national and international level journals from various university and UGC-CARE listed journal.

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