Poetry: Zara Browne

Zara Browne
“Я с тобой”
(For Julija - Моя Русская Мама)

She holds her weeping baby
Who stands taller than her now.
Her arms his safe place.
His trembling heart held by hers.
His pain is her sacrifice.
Cradling his head
She never breaks.
Her voice, his solace – 

“Я с тобой”.

For him she is unforgiving.
For him, she is unfaltering.
Never backing down to what is wrong.

A Gentleman in Love

For my love ~ Denis
You placed a hundred smiles upon my lips—
Had me laugh a thousand hearty laughs 
before you ever kissed me.
Had me listen to your heart as you sang 
sweet Russian lullabies and love songs
before lying next to you under the stars;
Held my hand and heart steady as I fell for you. 

Bio Note
Zara Browne, who lives in Ireland is 22 years old and has loved reading and writing stories from a very young age. In recent years, she has turned to poetry. Poetry slowly became a passion for her, alongside her avid reading, love for playing the piano and public speaking. 
In 2019 she came 2nd in the National INOTE (Irish National Organisation for Teachers of English) poetry competition with her poem Courageous Woman and was awarded a cash prize alongside the publication of her poem in the INOTE magazine that year. In 2022, her poetry and an interview with her friend, an established poet, Arthur Broomfield, got published in Setu, The Bilingual Journal of Literature, Arts, and Culture.  
Zara has also collected poetry collections from poets she aspires to and follows on social media. 

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