Summer 2024: Meena Chopra

Silicon Soul 

My eyes tinted with moon-shadow
summer sun rises in the east
glittering through my window
golden tendrils softly graze mylashes.

Face radiant with a luster
dawn pours a liquid gold
hearts melt.
A warmth swirls my blood
my breath expands
a silicon soul circulates in my veins
shaping a new rhythm to my days.

My vision shrivels
the sun dips into the cyberspace
dusk unfolds on the window screen.

Night falls, churning algorithms
sky loops in the moonlight
fading shadows float 
within the computing clouds.

Digits beat in my heart
my body dehydrates.
I become a nocturnal sprite
a native of a dream space
soaring in a lunar land
leaving no data to process
No black dust, no traces behind.
No shadows of networks to find.


Meena Chopra is a Canadian Indian poet, a visual artist, art curator and a producer of art and literary events. She lives in Mississauga. She writes both in English and her native Hindi language. Her poetry has been published in several literary magazines and anthologies and also has been translated in Urdu, German and Punjabi. She has authored several poetry and art collections and co-edited an anthology. Driven by power of the abstract imagery, many times her art and poetry blend into each other. Meena advocates discovering collaborative experience between the literary arts and other art forms in order to give the audience a comprehensive and vibrant artistic experience and has a successful trail of producing such art and literary events behind her.

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