Blooms are therapy for the lonely hearts!

Sunil Sharma

The garden reconciles human art and wild nature, hard work and deep pleasure, spiritual practice and the material world. It is a magical place because it is not divided..

--- Thomas Moore


That beckoning green patch!
The potted plants and creepers in different shades of greens or reds or oranges---or, in the mixed palettes---created by the master creator, nature, in her own mysterious ways.
The greatest gift to humans!
Tender climbers on the solid columns and walls of muted or loud pinks or whites.

Cacti and money plants in the corners of the apartments, on a quiet or noisy street of a bustling city or a far-off suburb.

Hanging flower pots in the tiny balconies, nooks---the dream-patch of a garden crafted on the narrow window sills of the concrete-n-glass boxes.
That favorite garden seat in the heart of a metropolis/neighbourhood. Under a welcoming shadow or near a clump of singing trees.
Far from the madding crowd.
A piece of the green reclaimed by a hungry heart. A regular haunt; a retreating enclave; a silent sanctuary for a few stolen moments of solitude.

Solitude for calming a fevered mind and a soul yearning for a quiet stillness experienced by the Zen masters or other wandering monks.
Its sheer poetry and poetics
Its strange effect on eyes/mind/body---green therapy.
Gardening as an art and art form.
Return to Nature---and Romanticism.
And the joy of living in a bleak post-industrial society with the aid of these green islands---the green lungs.

And leaving a better and breathable world for the next generations.

As Audrey Hepburn rightly observes:  
To plant a garden is to dream of tomorrow.
Gardens are results of urban designs and pieces of architecture for a social purpose---recreational space for the community.
Old civilizations were famous for their gardening skills and designs.
Gardens---old or new--- are marvels of imagination and skills: Domestic; rooftop; urban spaces or as reserves, these green spaces are sheer poetry in patterns, elements, designs and an overall effect on the viewers.
At Setu, we keep on dreaming of better tomorrows through our new initiatives. This call: “Blooms in the Green Yards: Poetics of the Gardening” is one such step in that direction.

Happy to receive so many poetic contributions to this theme, so urgent for a degraded planet, our only home, in the universe.

While navigating this edition, you can feel the vibrancy and energy of the colour green---and listen as well to the music of flowers, trees, birds and insects, in yards and forested spaces, powerfully captured in words and visuals.

Works that are sure to transport you to other and better realms.
Also, while being there on that remarkable mental journey, enjoy the other non-themed works!
We hope that you will also plant a few saplings some place soon or adopt a corner in a dilapidated garden---and make it bloom.
Saplings, like words, need constant attention and nurturing.
And a caring hand.

Happy reading!

Thanks to all the authors and artists and readers for making this happen---month after month.

Setu completes eight years this June and enters its ninth year of service to the discerning readers.
We remain indebted to the global community of readers and writers for their precious patronage.

Anurag Sharma, the indefatigable publisher and editor-in-chief of the bilingual journal, gets the Nirmal Verma Award-2023 for his overall contribution to the field of Hindi Lit. 
Hansa Deep---another Setu author---gets the same for the year 2022.
Hearty congratulations to them!
We are proud of him and other friends for making waves through their dedicated efforts.
Let hearts bloom in hundreds and thousands of new ways!
Blooms that can easily check the spread of deserts---inner/outer.
And spread fragrance!

Sunil Sharma

Managing Editor, Setu (English)

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  1. Hearty Congratulation to Anurag Sharma on receiving the Nirmal Verma Award-2023 for his contribution to Hindi Literature.


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