Ten Haiku: Ram Krishna Singh

Ram Krishna Singh
yellow  lemons
still hanging after the storm
sunny backyard

dusty leaves
break days of silence
spring’s first rain

making lemon tea
and warm buttery toast-
birds singing outside

sandal attar from the wrist-
summer evening

evening walk
near the woodlands path:
spiny friend

inhales sun
through the foggy morning
a leaping frog

a quick brush
with snake in the fence:
plucking flowers

fingers push
roots into loamed earth

warblers fly back
seeing the soft-stepping cats
in the grassy yard

seeking shelter
a leaf falls into
the puddle

Bio: Ram Krishna Singh is a widely published, anthologized, and translated Indian English poet, who has published in many journals including Poetcrit, Spillwords, The World Poets Quarterly, Kelaino, Magnapoets, Saraswati, Setu, Sybil Journal, Mainichi Daily, Asahi Haiku Network, etc.  His latest poetry collections include Covid-19 And Surge of Silence/K ovid-19 Hem Sessízlík Tolkȋnȋ (English/Tatar, 2021), 白濁: SILENCE: A WHITE DISTRUST (English/Japanese, Kindle Edition/Paperback, 2022), Poems and Micropoems (Southern Arizona Press, 2023), and Knocking Vistas And Other Poems (Authors Press,2024). Find him on Twitter @profrksingh and on Facebook www.facebook.com/profrksingh . More at https://pennyspoetry.fandom.com/wiki/R.K._Singh

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