Ash and Coins - Punjabi poem by Amarjeet Kaunke

Poet: Amarjeet Kaunke

Translated by Rajni Chhabra

One misty evening
Or some crimson morning
I will re-appear
Sooner or later.

In my one hand
I will be holding
Cadaver of my dreams
And in the other
Several silver coins.

Don't look at
Outcome of my dreams.
Dreams that
Breathed their last
Wandering for livelihood.
Rivers, with distinct features
That were lost in the
Dreary desert of hardships.

But, still from time to time
Arise in my poems.

That were like
Inky black hair
On my return
Will be tempered with
Silvery whiteness.
Dreams that,
While parting were fleshy
While returning
Will transform into wrinkles.
Dreams that were
Like childish trebles
On my return will be
Like shaky hands.

Crossroads of my city
Would fail to recognize me.
The old banyan tree
Stationed alongside road
Might be in slumber.

Don't glance at my face.
Don't try to locate
Innocence of childhood in it.
Don't glance at my feet.
Coz, dirt of time
Might have accumulated
On my feet.
May be,in  my eyes
You won't be able
To locate any lustre.

When, I will return
In my one hand
I will be holding
Ash of my dreams
And in  the other one
Will be holding
Several silver coins.
You just pick
Silver coins;
And ignore
Consequence of my dreams.

A soul stirring poem originally composed by Dr Amarjeet kaunke in Gurmukhi and translated into English by Rajni Chhabra.
Dr Amarjeet Kaunke is a reputed  bi lingual poet, translator, critic and Editor of PRATIMAAN, a monthly journal in Panjabi, published from Panjabi University Patiala, Panjab (India) He has authored nearly 50 books so far, including literature for children.