Setu Award for Excellence 2016

Tabish Khair and Usha Kishore: Writers that have electrified us by their sheer energy and monumental presence. 

 Setu, USA, is honored in honoring these two distinct diasporic signatures acting as a crucial Setu (bridge) between different nations and cultures through their unifying visions of humanism and liberalism in these toxic times. These are comforting voices. Setu awards for excellence, 2016 are being awarded to both the artists. The citations are being shared by the editorial board. Congrats to the writers that have always supported good cause, literary journalism, little press and journals. We, indeed, are lucky and celebrating at Setu, the global community of artists, this great event. 

Next month, Setu awards for excellence in Hindi will be announced. 

Our commitment to serve the society and culture via the e-zine Setu continues in humble way. You are welcome to be part of the caravan.

~ Setu Editorial Board

Table of Contents, November 2016