Poetry of Pranab Ghosh

Deep Inside You
As you sink deep inside you
Faces emerge from forgotten past

As you sink deep inside you
Pent up emotions are given vent

As you sink deep inside you
Your births and deaths hold you aloft

And illumines your present.

Things should be set right now
Says someone deep inside you.

Poetry Assassinated
Bullet-riddled poetry lies
Scattered in Africa, Middle East.
Poets run for cover; accused of
Blasphemy they are scared to
Even think of their muse.

In daylight he could just see
Her eyes when he meets her
In the local shop. She comes
To buy her groceries every
Wednesday and he
Goes for weekly ration of
Wheet and rice.

His muse, burka-clad was
A fellow student in University
Where they dreamt of radical
Change in society.

Today  there is radical change,
As omnipotent as death.

Even the dead is afraid to lie
On their back with a bullet
Hole in the head. They have all been
Victims of fanaticism, of lust and greed
In the name of Jihad.

People die,
People love,
People live
To write poetry.

Bullet-riddled he lies on footpath
Poetry finds its way to grave!  

As day sinks into the night,
Crickets call and the pain returns.

Wailing Ma looks for relief.

Pain all over her body; muscles
Cramp. With night and old age
Come maladies, diseases you
Have to put up with.
Medicines, every hour, kill.

You want to rebel!

Only if you were
Twenty years younger!

Age and night take rebellion away.
You succumb. You wait for the morning
Breeze to soothe you.

Will the sun shine on her again?

Pranab Ghosh

Author’s Bio:Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, blogger and poet. His poems have been published in Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice, Literature Studio Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Leaves of Ink, Hans India among others. He writes short stories too. He has co-authored a book of poems, Air & Age. He has translated a book of Bengali short stories into English. The name of the book is Bougainvillea And Other Stories. He, at present, lives in Kolkata, India. He can be contacted at pranabg2008@gmail.com.