Poetry by Anwer Ghani

Anwer Ghani

Our Days

Our days are mirrors of our souls and their smiles are the chants of the love, The night kisses are just echoes of the morning roses. They will be white if the birds of our hearts are cloudless, and will be gray if our images are hard.  They may show you the laugh  or the tears and you should remember that their flowers can't open their eyes in a hazy sky. Our days are warmhearted; if their coldness burned your cheek in the morning, their breeze will be amazing in the night.

Our Earth

The colors of our trees tell you the story. This earth is our  heritage and without any delay, we disappeared in her fragrance. We are swimming in her lakes like a fish and drown in her smiles as a sunset . Our earth has lucent wings and her birds wear white coat, so you can imagine her beauty. 

Our Boat

Here is our white boat. Where our dreams chanting their songs and our happy moments blossom. Its warm woods appease my heart, and draw on my pulse a butterfly searching your face. When you feel my husk in your hands, and when you see my soul flying dreamily in front of your eyes, at that moment you should remember our boat.