Ram Sharma - Three Poems

Dr. Ram Sharma


Save a moon for myself,
All the star and sun,
Try to save these,
Also save the rainbow in the sky,
Save the birds,
Save the flowers,
Also save yourself


The colours of roses are fading,
poison is mixing in the air,
the heads of trees,
are being cut,
birds are flying without home,
butterflies are lying dead,
like dead leaves,
water, air, earth,
all are not the same,
mammonism is hovering,
the world is becoming,
a crematorium


sweet melodious invitation of cuckoo
greedy flights of crows
chirping of homely birds
green cries of parrots
or dancing of peacocks or cries
where are these now?
Yes, there voices are there
in the ringtones of mobiles
or in hanging bells
where are hanging nests
is this our real progress
from living with all to just self
these chirping ringtones are clarion call
to return back to those
whom we have forgotten.