Poems by Rania Angelakoudi

Rania Angelakoudi

Of Human affairs

People tangled up in meaningless relations
tormented by conventions,
lies and deceit, selfishness and greed.
Truth is but a black sheep.
Discretion nowhere to be seen.

Draw a line across
the tyranny of dos and don’ts,
clench your fists
keep facing ahead.
Teach your heart never to dread!

Take a deep breath,
shout a cheer for life’s wealth
fly the banner of your ideals
and soar with them up high!
Spread your wings
keep your gaze steady and clear
and look up at the Sky!


like lightning scorching the soil,
like hail crashing the crops,
like an earthquake devastating the ground,
like lava gushing forth
and sweeping everything away!
This is how you came into my life.

Like a bold of lightning, like an earthquake
you tore my soul asunder,
rampaging through my emotions,
derailing my sensibilities
tossing me down in the abyss.

And just as suddenly, you left!

You stormed away
and I was left a broken twig
of a tree charred,
my life in ruins
buried deep under the lava!

Until the time comes
that you stretch out your arms
to pull me out of the rubble
to pull me up from the abyss!

Only then will the earth be green again!
Only then will the Northern Star light up

the grey sky!

The blues

Your eyes sing the blues
reflecting worlds both strange and new.
A vortex of colours that sparkle and shine
like the wavy hue of flames
as they lithely move and sway.

Your lips sing the blues
breathing sounds from far away places.
Heavy sighs and lustful gasps,
secret longings,

fantasies made out of dreams…that’s where I live…

As your body sings its tunes
I find myself dancing, swirling,
immersing myself in love’s bliss
savouring its taste,
intoxicated by your embrace!

Winning life

When life shows its ugly face,
and you feel scorned and used,
when it winds you with its blows
and tries to wipe the smile of your face,
this is when you have to fight back
manifesting the power of your will!

When life leads you at a cross-roads,
forcing you to solve riddles,
making you feel small,
this is when you diminish it
by exerting the power of your mind!

When life sends clouds to swarm over you
and drenches you in chill

this is when you need to hold on tight to the sun
and let your soul roam free to exotic places,
vindicating the power of your body!

When all this you finally manage to achieve
then will you earn your place in life
and like two lovers walk ahead
taking all hardships in your stride.

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