Diwali - By An Immortal Nile’s Poet

George Onsy

- George Onsy (Egypt)

Fallen in love
With Eternal India
I find myself
Drowned deep
In the Ganges
Forgetting my whole life,
Letting go
All about me
And from those
Mystical depths
I can clearly see
Its gentle waves
Still twinkle with
The dancing flames
Of Diwali
As they forever call
All human souls
To come to Light
From Darkness,
To come to Truth
From Untruth,
To come to Immortality
From the very Death
Each and every mortal
Suffers, thinking that
Alive in this
Ephemeral world
We may ever be.

INTERWOVEN INTO THE DIVINE: A detail from the painting by George Onsy


  1. George is a dear friend who is totally in love with India , Ganged and it's culture so his poems are spiritual; blissful and full of love, life and light.

  2. George Onsy the great Egyptian poet,my lovable friend whose poem is
    nerve cuddling,mind caressing.This poem he wrote falling in love with India is indeed an outstanding poem.Wish him best of luck and kind regards on behalf of the geeat Indian nation.


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