Diwali Poems by Goutam Karmakar

Goutam Karmakar
                                                 HAPPY DIWALI

When odour of flowers dements the blue sky
dunes of vapours cross the mountain high.
When sorrow is vaporized without any trace
Hope, joy and happiness at once fill its price.

Body & soul dances throughout the night
to celebrate the glorious  victory of the light.
When Kali is worshipped to remove pain
Lakshmi is entreated for wealth to gain.

When gifts are exchanged without taking rest
new clothes are worn to look at our best.
Houses are decorated at this time of the year
Streets welcome all saying Happy Diwali dear.

The sound of the crackers fills the ear
of  those who are both far and near.
Grateful we are to the heavenly might
for offering us such a beautiful sight.

                             PROMISES ON DIWALI

                              Let us make some promises on Diwali
                                  with hearts and minds purely holy.

Let us light the lamp of love and bask
by giving caste & creed eternal loneliness.
Let us light all the candles and diyas
to dethrone the darkness with its mantle.

Let us give them happiness, laughter and joy
by blasting the chains of  poverty and pain.
Let us pay respect to visible and living gods
and embellish them with sweets of care and share.

Let us make our life colourful with Rangoli
and fire a flowerpot of peace and prosperity.
Let us worship Lakshmi, Kali and Kuber
to give the Poor wealth and Rich the goodwill.

Let us pay visit and beautify them with
new dresses, gifts and fragrance of flowers.
Let us shoot a rocket of hope and belief
with the resolution to fulfil dreams and desires.

                        Let us accomplish these promises on Diwali
                               with hearts and minds purely holy.

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