Poems by Manab Manik

Manab Manik


In the forest path suddenly I stopped,
In a hurry from my bike I dropped.
Willingly I decided to urinate on a white ant-hill,
Someone suddenly said, "Spirits 'll reduce you to nil".
A man in white dhoti came tottering,
He told many a forestal tale frightening.
Walking and walking we stopped to a stone,
It's covered with the flowers thrown.
My greedy ears he filled with elephant-story,
From the pack 're left the elephants three.
The fallen electric wires they touched in men's chasing,
Everywhere was echoed the sounds of moaning and moaning,
With blurred eyes I saw him nowhere,
To another bike-horn I cried, "Don't urinate there."


In the midst of the wild I stood,
Millions of massive trees 're my optic food.
The path I travelled ran thro' the wild deep,
The Trees moved my heart in joy to leap.
With the blowing of the breeze the Trees did dance,
Their waving arms kept me in mystic trance.
Oh my heart ! Listen to the Wild with thoughtful ear,
You and I 're calmed by the Wild dear.
The murmur of the Wild moved us,
The Wind whispered to our ears as she did pass.
With the Wind's call the Trees 're moving heads and arms,
How sweet to see the shining leafy arms in their charms!
We 're lost in the Wind's music and murmur,
The Wild floats in my memory in my anxious hour.


A fair field filled with kash flowers before me lies,
In Autumn's grace it's feast to my eyes.
The gentle Breeze whispers to the Flowers to dance,
I'm drowsed with the fume of flowers and fragrance.
A rivulet runs thro' her heart in a winding way,
How sweet to gaze the Flowers' sway!
Maddened by Wind's music they dance and dance,
I hear the call of the dancing Flowers in abundance.
Oh you my heart ! Let's dance in glee,
We lose ourselves in the midst of the white lea.
To the horizon the supreme authority of heaven goes,
The jealous Evening and his canopy 're his foes.
Like a sabre the shining water enters into the cover,
Yet the Flowers float in my memory forever.


On the bank of the Shilabati together we sat,
With smiles and smiles we began to merrily chat.
We 're angered by shouts and loud laughter,
We 're calmed by the peeping Sun from the glittering water.
At late dusk only you and I remained there,
What a blessing to see the kash flowers everywhere!
The mild Breeze and Water caught our language,
They whispered mystic charms like wise sage.
Within moments my companion was deeply dissolved,
In gazing the sunken Sun I was intensely involved.
Many a twittering bird was flying in the air,
E'en in darkness flashed the flower-fair.
On the river-bank I was alone, alone, only alone,
How sweet to play on once more that tone!

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