Translation: Kanhaiya Tripathi Trans-created from Hindi by Sunil Sharma

Trans-created from Hindi by Sunil Sharma

Kanhaiya Tripathi
- Cause of Anguish -

Born in the jungle
It is my sole existence
They want to mould me into a human,
Although I was born as a human only but
I donot want to be that.

I want to celebrate nature
Traditions and customs
By playing, dancing and
They call us savages
Yes, I am

I donot wish to be like them,
A human.

My jungle has its own laws
They want to seize, cleave us
From within, imposing
their cutlure that
my tribe and I hate most
Why they want us to be them?

Destroying the jungle, stealing it
And getting rich

Killing my pride and selfhood
You can be a trumpeteer of a farce
Called growth and development

One day
You will destroy your own sense
Of the self-worth

Because already you have lost
Your reasoning and conscience
And become too selfish---
That will be the cause of your

Sunil Sharma
- I am an Adivasi - 

I am an adivasi
My identity is that only

My way of existing and waking up
24- hour living in the midst of nature
Maybe you don’t like it, but
I am at ease with it.

I am an adivasi
My nature and song
Dance and music
Maybe not of your liking
But it is my temperament

Being an adivasi
My jungle
Morning and evening
Food and labour---
Maybe not of your liking
But it is my normal mode of living.

Being natural and its awareness
Is my patent

This indigenous-ness cannot be replicated, that is why
My integrated existence as a forest-denizen

Is the best of God’s creation,

It is good that I am an adivasi
and happy to live like that only.

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