Poems By Eddie Awusi

Eddie Awusi is a Nigerian poet of Isoko extraction. He has been published in various poetry magazines and anthologies. 
Eddie Awusi


I am your shame, your broken record.
Whitlow germinating, in your slime -
When a man's love for his fatherland,
Blow up in his face.
I grow up, a weed, another town.
Tasting a new polity,
With head crushing taxation.
I loose my mind, as an execution,
Of a new bye law.


This is where i have come to dine.
Postmortem hanging on the menu.
A plenipotentiary of the services of worms.
Hot chitter chatter
Of stern looking trolls, pervade the enclave.
They belched after a meal of death.
Yawned and belched again, a fever in Yiddish.
Gazed at me, a clandestine intruder.
No chatter of humans, but muted conversations
Of mouth less ghosts.
Gastric acid running at the guts.
Then I knew it was the wrong company.


I met a lonely woman.
To whom hope was a luxury.
She was a maiden to misfortune.
Her dress, an interpolation, of curious eras:
Half medieval, half stone age.
She stood bending, like a moon walker
Tired of this realm of man.
Mid-term of life, her song was soured.
Sheaves of grieves
Were the harvests of her world apart.
Sowing in pain and reaping tares.
I met a lonely woman -
Haggard, bereft and worn-out;
Unkept and disheveled.
Staring like an apparition.
Clutching at life,
with shivering resolution.


I saw you going,
in a hobbling shuttle,
Of waves and winds.
In dreary dreadful furrow,
Into disdainful waistline,
of heartless high seas.
In hubristic ferries
of guts and indifference.
Then, suddenly this pushcart silence!
What were you thinking,
Duelfully engaging the divine majesties,
Of the deep blue pacific?
Didn't you know, how it is forbidden,
Of mere mortal man, to gaze into the eyes,
Of the versatile sea?
I heard their judgment,
That made the sea -
Your last adventure, death bed, your graveyard.
Passed in a strange tongue,
I picked up among the huldufolk.


I will calm the storms
Until you are safe,
and by your seaside fantasies
Teasingly hauling lullabies
On a network of workaholic waves.
I will soothe the nerves
Of this now hostile tide
And work over it's passion
Until you have steered out
Of every danger zones.


  1. One of my favorite poets published in Dandelion in Vase of Roses. A good poet and member of my FB poetry group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/807679459328998

  2. WOW!!! Eddie, you are an amazing poet, so deep.


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