Poetry: Harihar Jha

Harihar Jha
- Harihar Jha 

A Spiritual Feel!

In the shadow of a Banyan tree
Garlands and tender branches dangled 
sound of footsteps on the door of heart
With divine call I am entangled

Lovely cushion bed with the green grass
The tickling drops of dews so small
entering in pores of my body
melodious sound of waterfall

Smiling flowers in blowing cool wind
What an atmosphere with magic!
How come lovely mysterious sound 
kills my ego with speech so tragic

Gentle wind murmuring in the ears
Some revealed Mantra from a master
Then explosion in my shaking mind
like invitation to disaster

Bells from the dome of a holy temple
Growing love and peace in heart to heel
A silence pervading everywhere 
It is a great spiritual feel!


you open your beautiful lips to say,
but find no word to impart
I am amazed, Is it a style of love
or a turmoil in your heart

I have stitched both of my lips
to answer not the complaints from this world
now to express grief in my heart,
I whisper pain in my poetic words

The life is placating to offer me money,
power and you guess
since barbaric murder of love in my heart,
what is there to possess?

I totally agree with what you said yesterday,
with joy I scream
But that was only a beautiful dream,
my darling, you are my dream

You have said "Good-bye" I take shelter
in my dream before you depart
Dreamland is my kingdom, I will grab you,
a sure promise of my heart.
Setu November 2017

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