Poetry: Mario Vitale

Mario Vitale 

Stay Optimistic

Stay optimistic, even if you're
facing a set back. There are
many stages we go through in
our lives, but we manage, to get
back, on track. All good things
are possible, if you have
confidence in yourself and do as
much as you can. No one has
accomplished anything, in one day,
there has to be, a plan! Establishing
a routine, takes time, but it can lead
to many big opportunities, down the
road. At this point, you're bound to
find a way, to unburden, your heavy
Let the good times outshine the bad times
Let the laughter drown out the tears
Let the light chase away the darkness including all your fears...
Turn your pain into strength and smile for you are alive, making all things possible but only possible if you try.


So much heart so much love so much need
Janis Joplin I cry to watch your heart bleed
What a talent you brought to the world
Time has seen your legend unfold
How sad that your life was lost to the abyss
Of uncertainty and need, oh how you are missed
What intellect, what talent and a future untold
Such a beautiful woman and so in need of love
It was like a crucifixion to see this talent shoved
By ignorant fools who couldn’t understand
The cruelty when you were young and you so grand
Anyone who had a heart could have saved you from your fate
But when people found their heart it was already too late
She wove her daisy chains
until winter spent the wildflowers
with its will. She was too young
to know that spring would come
and they would bloom again,
so she caught the stars
at midnight and wore them in her hair
though no one saw them…Just her
and the moon streaming in the window.
Alone there with songs to sing
and dreams to dream, she must have thought
this is living — and this is dying.

The Secret Place

in the silence of my thoughts
pitter patter of soft sandal feet
a candle lit in the corner of my room
time well spent in thought
sullen brevity
my soul permeates sweet humble affection

through the vortex
the peace that passes understanding
beauty in sullen brevity
all of life seems to be a mystery
the knocking of the door
think back
to a time well spent in thought
captivated by love
love is the vibrant essence of my inner existence
shun the resistance in every circumstance

we shall meet here daily
to ponder are togetherness
nestled in the very fabric of our existence
the secret place
away from the hustle and bustle
shadows block the space
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love
those memories
the moments lived out in twilight

a challenge to be set free is a question of time
still dig much deeper then ever before
the touch of the hand that captivated a smile
the vast light of illumination
to bask in the vast expanse between space & time
a real reason to believe
a face to shine
the days end
or has it just begun
we are in search of something
but in heaven's name what?


It clings to the cliffed shore,
to the wintered face of the thistle path,
to the fingers of the old man's glove
as he waves his memory homeward

In that breath between come and go
she moves up from the bay;
gold turns her stride,
the line of her dress,
the soft sea pulling at her feet

When he reaches out
and the frail birds fly
and the sun and the sky
have married deep into the sea, it clings

Even as his shadow threads retreat,
it clings, even now as it dissolves to mist

Morning Side

we drift through the vale of tears
my soul permeates with the reluctance of taste
through a variation of a dream
water with the basin the fallen vegetation
walk through the garden alone with my underware
not a care in the world until
heard a whisper of a stranger's voice
falling emblems marked on a blotted page yet clearly intact
nature has a way to waken one's inner senses
to lay down all defenses
filter through the deranged mind of an angry man
like a cold clap in the dark he let the spark to what I needed to know
morning side with the eclipse of the sun having tainted my inner vision
priceless moments of jewels as if nuggets swaying in the breeze
a challenge to be free is a question of time

time is on are side
yet time doesn't ever stop for anyone
we run further but to what?
the drawn out tapestry of hidden exploits appear
for I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain
not having her in my arms was driving me insane
cross bones with switch blades bask in the vast expanse of the dream
the stranger appears one last time
this time to offer me a hand
a chance at which to truly understand
perhaps this is the place where Morrison had tred
lines being drawn in the sand
hopefully someday I will understand?
the true message of one's inner soul
yet for now I must let things go

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