Poetry: Amy Barry (Ireland)

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele
A Majestic Beauty
– A tribute to a true wonder of the world, Mt. Everest.

She lives and breathes
in the mountains.
She touches the sky,
holds her crown above her head.
Clouds swirl and dance around her.

A prodigious sight!

Sleet beats against the hostel window.
Alas! Alone, I plunge
into this backpacking experience.
A glimpse of her, curls
a magical joy in my soul.


She hears me say her name and smiles.
A beauty of elegance, supremacy;
triumph in her eyes,
rejoicing in my spirit.

I stand on the hills of Nepal,
silent, still,
absorb the unruffled ambiance.
I suck jaandh,
it sinks into my soul, cries
euphoria in my blood.

I hail those
who have scaled her,
and reached the peak!


History and Affection

On the high wall,
that looks to the sea,
there is traditional bathing,

Irish at Forty Foot,
gent’s only, often nude.
I spy two men, beach clad.

I am careful to listen
as you explain,
I try not to miss a thing.

My beloved and I,
here steeped in history,
I gaze at Martello Tower,
with Ulysses on Bloomsday.
Your arms
around my shoulders, my face,

happiness coloured,
whilst sea voices mimic U2
‘Breathe,’ in my ears.

Tomorrow Maybe Love

With long, powerful movements,
she covers one yard after another,
swimming the breaststroke,
raises her head above the
surface, draws air, then
lowers it back down.

Weightless, timeless in the water,
alone in the swimming pool,
thoughts of him haunt,
murmur and whisper.
Uncertainty plagues,

like a toothache.

Amy Barry ( Irlande)

Amy Barry writes poems and short stories. She has worked in the media, hotel and Oil& Gas industries. She is inspired by simply everything. She takes her experiences and colorfully expresses universal themes that seamlessly cross the boundaries of borders and peoples. She explores current issues, love, family, nature, death, famous people and places of interest. She also writes poems on table tennis (being the first poet to have her work published on the Table Tennis Ireland web site which can be found at http://www.tabletennisireland.ie). She is the founder of Global Writers.
She is published in anthologies, journals, and press and e-zines, in Ireland and abroad including: Southword Journal, Misty Mountain Review, First Cut, Galway Review, Poetry 24, Mad Swirl, A New Ulster, Knot Magazine. Amy and her work have featured on radio and television in Australia, Canada, Italy and Ireland.
When not writing, or gathering inspiration, Amy loves to travel. Trips to India, Nepal, China, Japan, Bali, Paris, Berlin, Budapest and Falkenberg have all infused her work.
Amy regularly organizes poetry events in her hometown of Athlone in Ireland. These include an eclectic gathering of local and international poets. She is often invited to read at festivals and literary events both in Ireland and abroad.

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