Poem: Groaning River

Md. Hanif

- Md. Hanif


In the middle of the day
Full of waters with gray
The river weeps from a long
By her heart and tongue
People use and loose my weight
To throw the garbage on head
And smile as morning rays
From the nights and days
How I been loved the earth
Like a newly bird by birth
In the lap of the morning
And sings with enchanting
To save and serve the world
Under the hood and above
But they forget me yet
To waste my dignity and rest
And devour the future of goal
Like fluttering wings without the soul
But oh! Let me live in Her garden
Without any guard and Warden
And be scale a line of dying
Where peace lies on crying


Scattering light of the night
Made me blind in the delight
And the burden of the day
Full of rejoice, half of ray
Brimming river dancing wave
Caught my soul in her slave
With the kids of the hope
Near the garden of above
Chattering sound, straining tide
Like the scarlet of the bride
Followed the wind of the west
Moved the pains with the taste
Lift me, my all the pangs

As thou do with the rains
And bring the mind of fresh
From the nights of thy grace

About the poet: Md. (Dr.) Hanif is a young and zealous litterateur who has been devoted to several genres of writing i.e., poetry, novel, short story, etc. An author of nine books, he basically deals with the intricacies of human relationships and emotions in his work.

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