Photo Feature: An Indian surgeon in Tanzania, Africa

Rajendra Wankhade

An orthopaedic surgeon, practicing for last 25 years in Kalyan as joint replacement surgeon and acting as an environmentalist

"Good morning Mama papa look to your right" said Amani our driver and guide in Tanzania as all four of us were taking a nap after a outdoor lunch in between  our game drive. As we opened our eyes there it was, a herd of about 20 elephants just standing there, shinning in the unforgivable Africa sun against the endless background of Serengeti! Serengeti literally means "endless plains" in Masai, it is a national park ranging almost 15000 kms in the northern part of Tanzania,Africa.

We decided to visit Central Serengeti as it is know for lion spotting, and we surely were not disappointed. When you see a lion, it's a good experience, but when you see a pride of 13 lions just sitting there relaxing early in the morning at a distance of 50 metres,  it's an experience out of the world. Close encounters with all these wild  animals and birds living in the Savannah in peace and harmony make you realize so much, may it be lions, the elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs or all the other animals, there is one thing in common, family, all of them staying together and protecting their family from the forces of nature. Getting to experience all this, alongside my own family was a treat to the eyes and the mind!


  1. Replies
    1. Very Amazing photos and the most is the way of sharing the experience, very beautiful and I really impressed. Thank u Chakuli.

    2. Very Amazing photos and the most important is the way of sharing the experience, very beautiful and I really impressed. Thank u Chakuli.

  2. Very nice photos. Amazing. Lovely pictures.Nice family.

  3. Very nice pics as well as the experience shared.Fantastic Chakuli. From Santosh Kaka.


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