Annamaria Pecoraro (Italy)

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Annamaria Pecoraro ( Italy)

Annamaria Pecoraro in art DULCINEA, born in 1981, is a pharmacist, poetess, writer, speaker and freelance journalist since 2014. Author of the book “Le rime del cuore attraverso i passi dell’anima” - The Heart’s rime through the Steps of the Soul (Lettere Animate, 2012) and “Dalla cenere al volo (From ash on the fly) – Augh Edizioni 2016. She has edited the column of creative writing and poetry for the magazine "Domus Aurea Magazine". She collaborates with "Toscana Musiche" and with the magazine "My" and is a member of the readers' committee of "Aphorism". She is artistic director of cultural events, juror and jury president in poetry competitions. She received national and international mentions. Her works have been translated into English and Spanish. She is coauthor of texts of songs protected in Siae. She has edited forewords and reviews for various authors and poetic anthologies. From June 2013 he is present in the association GAI (Young Italian Artists) circuit. She is director of "Progressive Delusions ... Music Beyond Words", a project of information and cultural promotion. She is a founding member and president of the "Nuovi Occhi sul Mugello" Cultural Artistic Association.


slow steps,
Vague steps,
Flying steps,
looking for reassuring glances.

Eyes full of emotion,
and warm tender light.

Tense steps,
 uncertain steps,
threatening steps,
elegant and diplomatic steps.

First steps,
Last steps,
firm and incessant.

Step by step,
small steps,
big steps
that trace our path.

Steps …

Summer (Stay you here)

Stay you here
savoring love
immortals frames
of memory.

Breezes in the morning
imbued with hopes
between barges of lives
broken and united
by agitating wire
in the mysterious sea.

Stay you here
between bikinis and shreds
in tsunamis that shake
throwing the keys into the abyss.

Season of love at first sight
and carefree thoughts.

Summer (Stay you here)
between majestic sails
on rusted sterns,
friendly and enemy guides
under an overcast sky
of earthly stars.

Love, Friendship, Soul

I’m strugging
with peaceful chords
and then I’ll include moments
always armed
and definitely loving.
Ancient art:
Drawing soul,
On…  and on!
Gasping for breath,
relying on
instead of losing your heart.
Oh my soul!
Arduous actions again,
you venture
just getting rough instants.
On… and go on!
Embracing one another.
Stars warning,
standing angels,
are waiting for dawns
and taste arts eager for them.
Others assiduously sleeping
So I’m opening arches
Let’s go! .. Just let’s go!
I’m adding boards

shaking other  Hearts.

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