Poetry: Raeesa Usmani

Raeesa Usmani


Sale! Sale! Sale!
Get everything in half price
Be swift, be shrewd
Available until the stock lasts.

Everything branded
Everything but a kitchen’s sink,

Buyer is out of date
That is the just thing.

Sale! Sale! Sale!
Fresh stock
Of latest fashion
Dated consumer

Modernize apparel
Put on make up
No exchangeability
On antiquated human commodities.

Alteration of outlook, not attire

shall lasts
Forever and ever!

Be swift, be shrewd

Available until the Typical Buyer outlasts.

Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings
As argued by Wordsworth
Is poetry.

But to me,
It is autonomy from obligations
Veiled and weird
Intensely coerced in blood and soul
Never to be detached.

Poetry, once written
Relieves from the anguish,
Agony and despair
Brings back from nothingness
Feels ecstatic out of blue.

It is to inhale sparkle
Exhale anguish, impair, whimper, woe
Still the list is long though.

Crying alleviates, as they say
Likewise writing liberates
My wounded soul and spirit
Unbound yet caged
Looks for an escape
Hits upon a transitory one
Through writing.

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