Poetry: Ximena Gautier Greve

Ximena Gautier Greve


Second Poem for Nicaragua

Nicaragua, the pearl of Sandino,
Nicaragua, wild grass of Chilean steps,
still coping with terrorist opposition standing
against peace and work, against the truth.
Not called Contra, but the nature of its being
burns bodies and rises barricades and tranques
in the streets of neighbourhoods,
so that life cannot live.
Without Christ,
the bishop is kissing the behinds of bandits,
the Salvatrucha perfidious snouts, profane the holy host
and their bullies close with strong arm the routes;
their bodies, tattooed with skulls-and-crossbones,
shoot and burn students, workers and mothers.
They usurp the language of revolutionaries
while destroying the popular effort
from glory to glory, from peace to peace.
As the song of the canzontle, ever present
is the voice of the people of Nicaragua,
from early dawn until midnight
wanting only to progress in peace.
There is no respect but only invasions as curses,
and the law of pain destroys
the tranquillity of forests, seas and rivers,
as it removes the dignity of human beings.
Early morning
Daniel rescues their defenceless country's heart
by evicting Mara’s gangs and mystifiers.
Masayinos city rejoices on the lakeside
and Monimbó sings again.
The town of Sandino was blocked and locked
in its own neighbourhoods by desperados,
sponsored by priests, the narcos, the murderers,
the cynical alliance and the cartel.
Human voices are shining
like the silver and the gold that boils
at the bottom of the Masaya crater.

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