Three Poems

Dev Vrat Sharma

- Dev Vrat Sharma


Yet, Mother stay; do not go,
Do not go, stay, mother; stay still.
Here is room enough for two.
For what you held and was yours
Shall be yours…. again.

“I languish from the pain of separation,”
Says dead Mother, coming out alive:
“Your Daddy has not yet arrived.”
Her death could not her suffering cease,
For now the soul is traumatized.

What is Gorang* to me or I to Gorang
Yet my future he ordains:
Nine years and seven months, in disdain.
Unequal battle desperately fought-
A few hiccups bubbled out her life.

Her loss is of greater magnitude;
I have lost one, she lost two.
Still my back aches with each stride.
“Why Mother your back is so still?
Why do you not speak to your insane child?”

Why the air around is so strained?
Why people around me gaze in pain?
Yet, in the midst of death my hope flutters.
A faint glow but promising a full blaze;
She will come again in a newer frame.

*Name of a spiritual healer.


Days have dragged through, mornings crept,
In foggy silence, afternoons un-happening;
The nights darker still; un-slept.
Within these quarters lives a little life.

Searching for the lost life in discotheques, night clubs
Gossiping, redeeming loneliness in endless telephone calls
Shrieking crickets; irritants to pill induced sleep.
Waking late in the day, into delirium.

Until you realize the false Gods you worship;
To profess your religiosity: Oh how fashionable!
Angry faces, feigning innocence- the underdogs
Sneakers trampling posters of election heroes.


Your recurring silence
Cutting across my being
Your repetitive taciturnit invokes,
The desire, for existence; once more.

The corpse buried in the heart -
Unaccounted, un-noticed in the dark,
The fragrance of memories growing fainter:
Shall I act both the slayer and the slayed?

Voyaging on kaput roads,
Surrender to an authority which falters;
Repaying the debts of being borne;
A misty knowingness - enveloping.

Only solace being transformed into blankness
And the burden to keep the state
 Alive to redeeming faith,
In the belief that; there would be love after all.


  1. It was a delight reading the latest issue of SETU, congratulations to authors and editors. I was deeply amazed with short poems by DevVrat Sharma. The pieces have deep emotion, natural appeal and to top everything else, a philisophical undercurrent. Seems that author meditates a lot.
    Dr. Deepak Srivastava

  2. Dr.Devrat's poems are steeped with poignancy. They speak of the inner strength and inner endurance to let the pain in life pass away as if the Soul does to human body when it unburdens itself of earthly body. Dr.Devrats'philosophy of life conveys pain from the others' gaze, but one who is in pain for the poet appears just as Soul leaves body, and body like lifeless being surrenders to the wish of the cosmic Soul.
    Dr.Devrat's conceives of hope as something like a payback system to redeem one's mind of the earned strength during hard times.
    Congrats to Dr.Devrat for being so insightful to convey his mind in such discreet poetic words and meaningful vocabulary.


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