Poetry: Priyanki Mishra

Priyanki Mishra
MGM Medical College, Jamshedpur

- Priyanki Mishra


Folgu was a river divine,
Long ago had its own shine,
Ancestors got free of bondage here,
Reaped prayers of offsprings dear,
Blessed their young ones from the heaven,
Who paid obscience with torsos shaven,
Blissful elders , no place for sorrow,
Joyful   world,  no care for morrow.

Rama, Lakhshman sought for same,
In the period of exile, as they came,
Sita waited as provisions they gathered,
Out of the blue, Dashrath appeared,
Demanded prayers all at that hour,
Sita complied, cow, basil, banyan and fire,
Banyan agreed to Ram, others refused,
Blessed was the tree, others cursed.

The sacred cow, thus partakes leftovers,
 The basil never blooms there  , moreover,
The fire is without a friend  , always a loner,
The Brahmin is never content of the donor,
Falgu dried up, eternally full of sand,
Even in the rain, it seems a barren land,
Blessed is the big banyan tree,
Gives shade and pleasure, full   and free.

Blessings are so hard to get,
Curses one can easily let,
Times are easy, times are tough,
Times are even and times are rough,
Yet one should not change one’s ways,
Sometimes it may for good, change the days,
Greed and oppression sure let you down,
Fall will be fast, will never hold the crown.


Why should I not be angry with you?
Tell me O my father, what to do,
You were the one to open my eyes of knowledge,
You were the one who made me worldly wise too,
One fine day you got me happily married,
You were the one, who searched for me, my groom too,
And then when all the trouble happened,
You said, try to stay, and I wondered, how could you.

Father O father, you just couldn’t see,
I was miserable, as miserable as I could be,
All my books ,  all my wisdom, none could ever see,
And I felt so bonded, never ever felt free,
Just buried myself deeply, only unfathomable sea,
Where none could ever dare to have a key,
Father O father, was it really me,
Or my lost shadow, just any she.

Bearing wrong is sin, you taught me,
A sin I committed, never again should be,
The words that you gave me, told thus, within me,
Such is the light of wisdom, I heard , you agree,
None could refute this spirit, thus, you can see,
The spirit of strength, modernity, the divine tree,
Daughters need more of the knowledge was the key,
Father O father, my anger already dried within me.

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