Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, INDIA


A little girl wanted to fly.
Spread her wings to reach the sky.
She was a tomboy when she was small.
Adventurous and a book addict,
when she started becoming tall.

The little red airplane impressed her when it swished by.
In 1920, while riding her first airplane, she knew she had to fly.
Then one day in ‘The Canary’ she flew to an altitude of 14,000 feet.
Setting a world record for female pilots, indeed a great feat.
She flew across the Atlantic at a stretch.
She was the “Queen of the Air”...oh what a life sketch!
Again and again breaking the male bastion of aviation.
She was the one to promote commercial flights
in the world and her nation.

The overwhelming flight across the North American continent and back.
She proved in the twentieth century that she was the best and on the top rack.
With her flying stunts she was a superwoman in a man’s world.
Advocating for women aviators, giving everybody a swirl.
For her dauntless transatlantic solo flight.
She from the French Government got the Cross of Knight.
Record after record Amelia Earhart broke.
She risked bad weather and storm and became
a celebrity to the common folk.

Then for the world flight did she embark.
In her aircraft Electra with Fred Noonan she flew off in the dark.
After a day the radio signal went blank.
She disappeared nowhere to be found, neither river nor bank.
Her achievement so great and bright, not mellow.
Trailblazing feats and deeds which are great examples to follow.

With the sun, the sky and the beauty around.
The shrill cry of eagles, the twittering of birds, the wondrous sound.
The happiness, peace and love profound.
I had to be a poet, I was bound.

With the winds playing with the leaves all day round.
The waves coming up the shore and going down.
The love of family and friends, which abounds.
I had to be a poet I was bound.

 With the trees, flowers and so much splendour to be found.
The moon and the stars scattered in the sky around.
With love and love which is paramount.
I had to be a poet, I was bound.

Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist by education, educationist by profession and a poet and author by passion. Her journey as a poet began five years ago and she has four collection of poems to her credit, “Life-A Collection of Poems”, “Paradigm”, “The Maverick’s Journey” and “The Sun through my Wine Glass”. She is the Executive Editor of Kafla Intercontinental, an international journal of literature, art and culture. Her poems have been published in more than hundred international and national journals. She has received awards like Sahitya Shree, Sahityan Samman and Sahitya Bhushan. She has had numerous events of her poetry including a solo event in Oxford, England. Her poems have been well received around the world and have been translated into Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Odiya, Gujarati. Nepali, Uzbek and Spanish. Her motto in life is to spread joy and happiness wherever she goes.

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