K. Pankajam, INDIA

NEXT TO THE CREATOR                     

While the moon sits just under the clouds
and chilly wind rocks the trees,
swaying to the flow of some splendid melody
hidden within the pounding percussion of hearts
he and she both having vowed to be together
a sacrament for life, in the real sense
each hunt treasure in the other, fervent,
in the oldest game on earth,
at the end of which she hides it within herself
while he remains a slice of the pleasure
around the enchanting curve of her spine
gobbling every pleat of her body.

She willfully trains her mind and body
to seek pleasure in pains, in all intensity,
considers it as her absolute chunk,
prepares to shed pride in her pretty build
the size and shape of it till then she fostered,
processes her blood to turn into white,
gives up sleep while others eschew hatred
and truly her sacrifices get rewarded
having placed next to the Creator.    


In quiescence I preach;
I take pride being a woman,
would like to look feminine
with sweet shyness and blushing cheeks,
yet blanket my feminine trails
like the ‘touch-me-not’ leaves
annoying compliments don’t enslave me. 

Melanin in skin decides one’s attributes
soft rhythm in trots accentuates traits
my body is a temple of nurturing powers
none assigned with rights to relegate it.

I wish to admit my mistakes, 
to show my strength through it and grow,
not a weakness it is, I counter,
Don’t take for granted, or brand me timid.

I want to be everything,
nothing at all at the same time
be smart, but not appear smarter than you 
in your guess precisely, not to hurt your ego,
maintain peace between us is my motto
as we travel together between life and death.         
I want to be independent,
be on my own to boost my confidence,
not that I do not need you,
you can be the shade I embrace to be in light
like the maple leaves to the butterflies in rain.        

We are different, but no discrimination
mutually reliant we are, none superior.
You and I are fed with the same milk
both at birth, and after death too.


Time slips by and I get digressed at times
putting down my thoughts then and there
or attaining my plans as charted
with your silly conduct
outwardly innocuous, but conscious
but it never affects those inscribed in my brain
and I believe, swear and reaffirm
it gives me a firm grip on the sands of time
makes me more balanced, matured and perfect
for which I should thank you.

Robbing of riches can be easy
invisible wealth of words, not.
Like a bouncing ball
the more you suppress,
with more power I bounce back.
Energy that drains out in my body  
gets crowded in my heart and soul
and it multiplies with every smudge of abuse.
Like malleable metals hardened by heat
your trials by fire only make me tough.
And I want you to realize:
What I strive for is what I am slated for.

* Agni Pareeksha=Trial by fire


K. Pankajam, Dy. Manager/Finance (Retd.), BHEL, is a bilingual poet and novelist, writing in English and Malayalam.  She has eighteen books to her credit, including ten poetry collections, one of them translated into French.  She is one of the editors of the journal ‘Teesta Review’.  Her articles, poems, book reviews/papers have been published widely and anthologized. Her poetry has been discussed in detail in the book ‘Femininity-Poetic Endeavours’. She is the recipient of Oriental Poetry Award 2016, Rabindranath Tagore Award for Poetry International 2017 and 2018, Poiesis Award for Short Stories International 2017, 2018 and 2019 and Shree Atal Behari Vajpayee Award 2019.  She has also been conferred the Rock Pebbles National Poetry Award 2019 that she will receive at the Rock Pebbles Poetry Fest on 07 April, 2019 at Bhubaneswar, India.

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  1. How pragmatic Pankajam is, when she sumps up the entire man-woman discourse in an objective perspective, as under:
    "We are different, but no discrimination
    mutually reliant we are, none superior.
    You and I are fed with the same milk
    both at birth, and after death too."


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