Nutan Sarawagi, INDIA


I lie in my wait waiting for you
thoughts big and small 
all come of you
to retrace my steps 
as I lived without you 
in hopes of you
without you

but now my mind 
doesn't even think of me 
as I live in my desires 
in my desires  
in my hopes
in my longings 
in my hoping of you

will you ever come 
I wonder why 
to cut me off from your chains
in your chains as I lie
tied to myself I wonder why
come and cut off my chains 
as you have chained me for life 
in shackles which I never had
chained to my life

which I now break
forever free 
I now fly
I never wanted to belong 
that was my tryst with life

but I now lie clipped 
my wings clipped
for life

tie me to a stake and burn me up
my desires of you ... in flames go up
burn me up in my fear 
of my desires for you
as I go thinking of you
in my desires of you 
thinking of you

to fly with me 
as you burn with me
in my desires of you
as they burn with me
take me to another world 
where you and I will live thinking of you
with no desire left thinking of you 
of my own

I never ever want to attempt 
to fly again away from myself
waiting for you to take me away from myself 
thinking of you in my thoughts of me alone

I have now learnt to fly alone 
alone faraway as I fly 
to a land I seek
where everyone desires but we all live alone

Nutan Sarawagi loves poetry. She loves to colour words in the colours of verse. She has a Master’s degree in Education. She writes mainly on women and children. She feels very strongly about women’s issues and the children of war. She wishes she could set the world right for them

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