Riya Hemant, U K


Feminists, Dreamers, Hopeful - call them whatever you wish to call them,
Every feminist dreams of a one-in-a-million, a gem,
Men and women, we are all equal,
In every way,
Now all we need is a leader, someone peaceful,
I wish for a leader whose actions don't ricochet,
Someone who will understand and appreciate,
That every woman deserves a chance.


It is OK to feel the way you are,
The way they tell you to stop and smile,
They say it might just make up for your lack of style,
It keeps you always wishing on a star.

I can hear your struggles through your voice,
The way you believe insults vulnerably,
The way you are so self-judgemental about things that aren't your choice,
The way you can stand how others hurt you so comfortably.

You don't have to abide by society's rules,
About how you must sit still and be pretty,
While they all fight for you, showing you off as if you are the crown's jewels,
Stroking you as if you are some sort of kitty.

I am here for you,
I will protect you from sexism and all that it can be,
I will be there when they try to bid you adieu,
For I am a feminist and equality is all I plea.

Riya Hemant is a 12-year old, writing poetry since the age of six. Her poems have been published in various international poetry anthologies notably Amaravati Poetic Prism 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, ‘Efflorescence’ of Chennai Poets’ Circle and ‘The Current’ edited by poet Seena Sreevalson. Her poem ‘Bullet’s Hole’ received commendation from the Mayor of Harrow, UK and she was invited to read this poem at the Harrow Memorial Day on 11 November, 2018, before the Hon’ble Mayor and other dignitaries. Her poems have also been accepted for publication by the Canada-based Destine Literare and the Seychelles-based SIPAY literary journals in their forthcoming issues. A student of 7th grade, Riya loves to read, write and swim, and is also learning the violin.

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