Roula Pollard, GREECE


How to forget specifics specifically, how to forget
especially the war storm, acid rain, hostile wind
raging over humanity, tanks attacking innocent citizens, nuclear weapons?
It does not matter if the stock exchange does not open today.
Let a clear sea breeze blow inside the house of our mind now.
Let children grow in harmony. We promise children this evening
we women prevent frosty political hearts to enter into history now.

We women have better plans.
We stop the war typhoon from violating our rights. We beg the moon, her light to brighten
the garden of the world with more compassion this evening.
We women ask all flowers if they can grow through the night
in peace under moon’s music.
We order the dark spirits to hideaway this century.
We forget forever their existence.
We women ask the spring to grow patiently, step by step
protected by love’s patient scented blossom.
Lovers grows happy like wild flowers.
The sea recites in the universe poems for peace this evening.
We women ask Poetry to grow in its flesh eternally.
We tell history to act in Peace from now on.
We reassure people to be confident
to hope, dare, be brave
have courage.
I only need your sacred promise
your tenderness
your spirit high
this evening, always
I want a peaceful world
I am a woman.


Do I love you my sea, like a window of hope in the wind
or like my heart on an operation table and, what else?
Like blossoming flower I watch you from distance.
Yes, I love you like an ancient sea
like a sea of love horizon
nutritive love, land
of the sea unseen
sails like the sea
on the sky
not like a derelict sea, not like an orphan.
I love you like you love me, as
healing is performed by light
but you have not. They drowned you
like war refugees, orphans
children on transit
The sea is not like an orphan
her parents, we women
protect her, we understand her violation
we protect her with love


Today, tomorrow
our will power feeds love stronger
in all seasons, years, centuries, since the darkness of all time.
Today, tomorrow our love multiplies affectionate or silent for you, active love, protective, sincere, passionate, blessed,
our love's fullness grows goodness to heal you,
me the planet, to heal wounds
On the motorway of determination day and night
alert to nurture our children with life’s love
to feed our husbands with confidence
to nurture our mothers and fathers
On the hearts of our minds
we plant daily on the earth prayers for Peace
we kneel on the Earth and spray it with tears, tears
the universe absorbs, our prayers fill the universe with
our love the universe absorbs! Oh God hear all mothers, wives, daughters, hear their supplications for Peace. All wars,
Stop the wars, our Father
our goodness grow, Oh God,
grow our prayers the tallest more fertile tree of love in your universe
Today, tomorrow
I, we stand against aggression
against war, nuclear and conventional weapons
I, we women stand against oppression, drug use, drug lords, we stand against children's sexual abuse, media poisoning
we stand against intimidation, against evil.
Today, tomorrow
I pray for forgiveness,
positive progress
more prayers
more Peace
more love

Roula Pollard is an inspirational Greek poet and writer, translator, essayist, short story writer, Educationalist, Peace ambassador and literary promoter. She studied History and Archaeology at Athens University and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University. She was a Part-time lecturer in Modern Greek Language and Civilization in England. Roula writes poetry in Greek and English, and has participated in numerous international and Greek Poetry festivals. She has three poetry collections in Greek to her credit and her 4th “Century of Love” was published bilingually, in English and Telugu in India. She has translated Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes into Greek. Her poems, translated into Italian, French, Spanish, Albanian, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu, have been included in over 50 International Poetry Anthologies and have received several international awards. Her Poetry, through the themes of love and healing, hope and peace, deals with social, environmental, political and humanitarian issues.

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