Armenuhi Sisyan (Armenia)

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Armenuhi Sisyan
Armenuhi Sisyan- writer, poet from Armenia. Professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. Her works are translated into 11 languages and published in different literary magazines, anthologies and newspapers around the world: Russia, Iran, Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Lebanon, Paris, Spain, Albania, USA, India, Georgia, ets. Author of 9 books, last 2 were published in Kyoto (Japan) in Japanese. Participant of different International literary festivals and programs. (Аustria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan), winner of different literary prizes both in poetry and fiction. Recently her play ‘’The Raven Sais’’ was staged in Tbilisi (Georgia) State Armenian Dramatic Theater after which successfully performed in different theaters in Armenia. She is a member of Writers’ Union of Armenia. Board member of International Writers Association in Brussels (IWA). Member of Japan Universal Poets Association, Kyoto. Member of the International Movement Poetas del Mundo.


The angels sometimes
Want to see so much
What is not theirs, and get punished…
The curiosity burns their wings a little
And they get depleted
The angels want sometimes
To be in places where they shouldn’t be,
And their foot hits the ground
Instead of blood – pain oozes from their feet,
And they struggle to go forward,
Sometimes …
The angels want to try the things sometimes,
That don’t belong to them,
And they almost lose themselves,
And the sky oozes from their eyes…
Maybe the angels need to be forgiven
Sometimes ?


I never came to you
with empty hands:
a piece of the sky
was always with me…


If I manage to escape
from the race of the time
that follows me,
I’ll go to gather poems,
where the trees blossom
and wait for me:
(so many poems are there!)

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