Pradeep Biswal (Voices Within)

Pradeep Biswal (b.1960) has published six poetry collections in Odia, namely, Dhusara Dhrupadi, Bhumi Sparsh, Sesha Loka, Prema Kabita, Pheriba Batere and Sachitra Samaya. Pheriba Batere has been published in Hindi with the title – Lout te Raste Mein. Earlier, another anthology in Hindi ‘Jal Darpan’ was published carrying his Odia poems translated into Hindi. After his first poetry collection in English titled ‘A House Within’, the second collection ‘Pilgrimage to Ayodhya’ awaits release. Being a senior member of India Administrative Service, he is presently working as Special Secretary, Finance Department, Government of Odisha at Bhubaneswar.

Pradeep Biswal
Words Today

Words today
Went wayward
I was watching
While you started
Weaving dreams
And sharing the secrets
With me.
Words are capable
Of destroying
Dreams in seconds
And camouflaging
Curtains for clouds
To take you
For a ride.
They can create illusions
Of colours in the sky
Akin to a rainbow
But life limits itself
To metaphors
Of irony
Hard to relish.


She looks at the sun
And gleefully smiles
Everyone sees
Her enticing smile
But not the sunburns
On her face.
Every smile
Has a sad story to tell
Not always pleasant
To listen.
Someday she’ll succumb
To the heat
Of the burning sun
And dry up.
The dried petals
Will be crushed
Again to extract oil
She won’t grumble
But smile at you
As before.

Last Night

Last night
Your shadow
Followed me
To the brink
Of insanity.
The parting kiss
Was so luscious
It still hangs
On my lips.
You noticed
Your past love
In my face
Love can never die
Resurrects every time
It finds a window
To open up.
The mosaics of memory
Shine brightly
Dusted with love
Hearts throb
In ecstasy
Cherishing the past.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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