Pranab Ghosh (Voices Within)

Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, writer and poet. His poems and prose piece have been published and accepted by Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice, Transendent Zero Press, Scarlet Leaf Review, Literature Studio Review, Leaves of Ink, Hans India, Spillwords, The Piker Press, Visual Verse, Setu, Pangolin Review etc. His second book of poems and first solo book “Soul Searching and Other Poems” had been published by Scarlet Leaf Publishing, Toronto. He is married and lives in Kolkata with wife, daughter and mother.


We lay naked
Some distance
Away from each other…

It could be a decade,
A century or even
A millennium (apart)…

And then we turned
And kissed each
Others’ shadow

Distance melted and
Time travelled back
And forth carrying
Us beyond the
Realms of flesh as
We sunk in each
Other forgetting about
Our past, our present
And our future.

We united in a void
Beyond dream.

Burning Times

Known faces, known dreams,
Known aspirations, known sighs,

Known desire, known stories…

Change with time erasing
All semblance of recognition

Erasing all cherished values
And metamorphose into

Unpleasant, unbearable,
Agony that tears the heart

And make the blood boil
In anger, in uncontrolled

Rage that cannot be given vent to
And head hangs in shame

And mind refuses to remember
The shared dreams, aspirations

Sighs, desire, stories and life!

But LIFE ceases to stop!
Sighs refuse to escape heart!
Tears refuse to roll, as
You stand petrified in
Front of burning times and values!

Modern Times!

There was a time when
The breeze blew across
The river, bringing with
It soft melody and wafts of
Essence of a forgotten past.

There was a time when the
River flowed touching the
Banks and enriching the shores,
The civilization that grew
By its side and spread beyond the
Distance that eyes could measure.

There was a time when we sat
Side-by-side and told each other
Stories of our souls, undiluted
By the greed that has devoured
The times that we are in now,
Has poisoned the water that river
Carries to the sea, has taken away
The refreshing smell of the air
And has filled it with life
Threatening carbon particles
That smell like death
And choke the lungs.

The lost times have made way
For times that threaten to
Erase human existence,
Love, passion, values


Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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