Five Poems by R. P. Singh

1. It surfs the blue deep

Tears were offerings to
the conspicuous eyeballs
put under glasses
for quite long.
Conversant eyes yet silent
reliving histories,
myths and spiritual substance.
Flashes from Vidura to Karna,
from Drona to Ashwatthama,
Panchal, Kosala, Avanti
and many more,
quite enlivened so often.
Karna and Surya –fond refrain.
I met too often,
Napoleon, and his humble birth...
Hardy and his vivid Wessex.
In bedside
with winter’s fleeting Sun,
in June breaks,
in sprinkled dust –
a philosopher lived
with a glocal urge.

Diaries, sheets and stocky notes,
popular culture
and serene discourse,
quarrels, conflicts, mêlées more,
mounting arguments
all come ashore.
It so often surfs the blue deep
the days with you come, yet to peep.

2. With remembrances on

The same planks
news boards and rooms
the debates, perspectives
and thoughts diverse,
circles of time, and
history’s contiguous move
come too often
so in tune.

It is circle,
and will repeat
you too in form
in every span
thoughts and move.

Thoughts creep
the same years old,
months come with more suggestions
moorings and vows,
 February with fear,
and April with remembrances on.

3. The colours
The colours this sad sky
meet, dear father,
in a conferencing mode.
The chain, they say
moves. This cycle
with you. I dropped.
We sailed together.
this mighty ocean brown,
from the very dawn.

Our mighty ancestral nest,
the circle began with you,
and several more the fellow travellers,
you lived the sacred Geeta’s truth, and affirmed -
We are born
we are lost
we are born
and lost again.

The words remain
yet concealed
enveloped in the eternal rhyme
the greater, eternal words.

4. Your remains in nature
You will learn again
what you undid your last phase,
polity, economy and English verse.
You said, you lived Hardy,
Browning, and many ancestors.
You learnt Plato, Bodin, Machiavelli
and, in fact, at last
the Manav Dharma -
the new world movement,
Urdu script, and many more,
developed easier grammar too.
Your earthly ghost dissolved,
and so flew some remains
there, in the flow of the Ganges
where you were once commissioned
in uniform.
Also visited in your last phase
for a discussion with
 newly discovered Kamaruzzaman.
Your remains in nature,
and letters in thoughts.

5. A phase fertile
The drops censor
the scripts
creeping into the eyes
they wash,
what the brains writ
 so passionate.

Transformation is nature,
and it exists
 axis of existence.
A phase fertile
 for a span for thought
for realizations and purgation
before the summit next.

Prof. R. P. Singh
About the Poet
An award winning playwright, poet and academician R. P. Singh (Ravindra Pratap Singh) is a Professor of English at the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow. As a creative writer, his plays; Flea Market and other Plays (2014), Ecologue (2014), When Brancho Flies (2014), Shakespeare ki Saat Ratein (2015), Antardwand (2016), Cahudah Farvari (2019), Chain Kahan ab Nain Hamare (2018) have received critical acclaim, and popularity. Banjaran: The Muse (2008), Cloud, Moon and a Little Girl (2017), Pathik and Pravah (2016), Neeli Aankhon Wali Ladki (2017), Adventures of Funny and Bana (2018), The World of Mavie(2020), Two Violet Flowers (2020) represent his poetry. He is the recipient of 12 awards like Swami Vivekanand Youth Award –Life Time Achievement 2020, Mohan Rakesh Puraskar(2016), Saraswat Samman (2018) S. M. Sinha Smiriti Award (2017) and Bhartendu Harischandra Award(2017) for his creative writing. Other awards conferred upon him include-Shikshak Shree Samman, Government of U.P. 2015, for innovations in teaching, and commendable contribution in Higher Education. Dr. Baba Saheb Prize for Excellence, 2011, and Dr. Ambedkar Fellowship Award – 2006.


  1. Mesmerizing lines.. beautifully composed

  2. It is a wonderful opportunity to read these poems. How great these works are! The words are composed in harmony producing the deep meaning inside every poem.

  3. Fantabulous lines that takes us to another level of our existence.

  4. Beautiful poems with appreciable blend of imagery, mythology, and literary devices. A delightful reading!

  5. Beautiful poems with appreciable blend of imagery, mythology, and literary devices. A delightful reading!

  6. Content, presentation n language...superb

  7. Beautiful composition of Indian mythology and a specimen of creativity in the period of lockdown in India

  8. Its well composed with Indian thought and myth deep rooted in nature and culture. great to read.

  9. Amazing verses encompassing the vast arena of human experience and history...

  10. So simple,lucid but penetrating!

  11. Superb, feelings and mythological allusions in a natural flow.


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