Mihaela Melnic (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Mihaela Melnic is an Italian poetess that began her poetic journey a few years ago. She is inspired by the pureness of nature in this world and by all creatures that populate it with all their beauty and all their flaws. Her debut collection of poetry, Change of Seasons, was published in 2018 and is availablehere.

Escaped from the sheepfold 

Give me a child of yours
in the countryside for some time -
said the Cow.
I'll teach them how to milk me.
What a marvelous way to spend time!

Send me your children in the wheat field - said the Crow.
I'll show them gold becoming bread
at some point.
Isn't it something to treasure?

Come to me, all the people - said the Shepherd.
I'll raise you like true sheep.
A promise fully kept.

Well, some lamb escaped from the sheepfold
and now reads the constitution...

Water for animals 

We are animals from the first to the last degree
from sunrise to sunset
from the woods to the farm
we are strangely linked
to the fate of others

but nobody shall put words in my mouth any longer.

I don't know about you, but I’d rather
say moo, I’d rather roar, bark, neigh
but mostly bleat
and then go about my business
oblivious of sheepfold, unleashed.

Just give me a whistle
if you want me to bleat
the past memories
or a story of the future
never forgotten
which goes like this: Stray hearts
are wandering; steel pliers -
but what if in the wrong hands?
High voltage power points,
love no longer in the stomach.
Everything hurts, everything is numbed.
Damn, I want to be galvanized!

Well, drink, drink water
said the wise man
if it hurts you so much.

Of ham and light 

I have fallen down my own hole
dug with dynamic spirit
and Biglinian reason
and news from history
delicate and timid
awaits me.
I’m still trapped in here
with the smell of recycled paper
in my nose;
It gets me so high
I need my daily dose.

Each turning of the page
takes off from my brain a ham slice.

Seekers of light
squeezed the truth
from the stones
digging, licking, kissing
the cuneiform tongue

but something yet to be measured
crawls in the distance
through the crumbs of the earth
with a diabolical smile

Too bad in there is too dark
at present
but I can smell
an ancient smoke
of a fire's tongue and light...

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