Michael Murphy Burke (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Michael Murphy Burke is a poet of a spiritual and mystical nature who writes from the heart for the opening of all hearts. He currently works at various treatment centers and wellness centers as a (VST) Vibrational Sound Therapist. Born in New Orleans, educated by an inquisitive and adventurous life, he now lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. He has one book published entitled Dancing With the Divine, his second book entitled Dancing With the Shadows, should be released later in 2020. Michael has been hosting an open mic poetry night for the past 15 years at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore and is pleasantly and joyously involved with encouraging the abilities and prospering the talents of many in their poetic ways. His website is MichaelMurphyBurke.com.

It is quite necessary to balance the bridges we cross with the lands they separate 

The land of before and the land of after are but earthly perceptions that bring us to the soil of now

There's a rich, spiritually filled, nutrition laced field that is Awakening in each of us 

We, who are here now, alive during this pandemic, are part of the process 
Each of us are a vital part of the foundation of the bridge crossing into a new land
And this new land, this new Earth, requires we leave the crumbling prisons that were built of paranoia and embrace the newly shaping shelters constructed from pronoia 

The Temples of ourselves are now the sacred strands that shape our next steps 
Steps that must be taken together

Together, we move from a sense of a Universe out to get us, to punish us, to demean us
Into a Universe that is out to empower us, to encourage us and ultimately, to redeem us
A Universe that is conspiring, no matter how strange it appears, to gracefully engage each and every one of us as critical components in the building of a new bridge that connects us all to our hearts 

Our hearts are bonded already by the fields of frequency they produce 
Now these fields, like the countless strands of cable that support a bridge, are being called together to entwine into a strength that can only be expressed when we are wrapped together

Supporting one another is the strength that bridges us into the new land 
A land of pronoia, where we not only believe in the unfolding beauty, we become that beauty, by holding one another in the vision that we are in this together, not individual strands trying to be strong, but strands wrapped together, making us all strong 

The weak links are empowered 
The strong links are emblazoned 

The sharing of our abilities is the foundation for a new and immaculate bridge that connects us all 

Right here, right now, we are on that bridge

And it is our love, our love for one another, our love for ourselves, our love for all things that shall carry us across 
From the paranoia of a past 
To the pronoia of a present 
Where we can BE the love we ARE, and not just dream about it, write about it or wish for it 

Right now, we are on this bridge together, if we just stay here we will weigh it down and it shall crumble, if we go back we shall become extinct, but if we cross over, we arrive at the new land
If we persevere, then we sing a new song
A song of Unity 
A song of Oneness 
A song in which we all help one another 
And we Become the Harmony we Seek 

The universe is conspiring, in ways impossible for us to comprehend, for the most beneficial outcome 
Let us do the same 
Believe in pronoia 
Believe in yourself 
Believe in US 
We are one mass of humanity 
It's time to cross the bridge...  TOGETHER.

{ The Song of Our Cells }

When our countless cells rub together 
In the glorious dance of vibrational life 

They give off Sound 

This is the song of our cells 

More unique than a fingerprint 
Formed in the cosmic dust
More exquisite than a symphony 
Composed by Haydn, Beethoven or Mozart 
We sing our cells to life 
And the song has no judgement, no expectation 
No steady beat or inspired lyrics 
Just sound 

Vibrational Divinity

And it not only sings us into being 
It's sings all things into being 
We are all on the same album 
And our thoughts are the needle awakening the grooves 
with vibration that attracts the tribe
To the vibe 
And as your vibe attracts your tribe 

Your tribe attracts your form
From formless to form 
From everything of nothing 
To something of matter 

We Become

And we sing
We sing of flowers that bloom as planets
We sing of stars that swim as dolphins 
We sing of pyramids that point to Orion
We sing of redwoods that reach like our minds 
To grasp the sound of ourselves

When, if we just listen, we can hear who we are

From the blood orchestrating through our veins 
From the beat of our heart keeping time with stillness
From the delicate whisper of wonder that we call space 
And in that space is every song that is 
Every sound of the song of our cells 

Began from one sound

This eternal and timeless sound 
This vibrational divinity 
Connects us all 
We are never separate 
Can't be 
There is only one song

Sung by the infinity of cells 
That each have their part to play

We are meant to be in tune with each other 
But we are not meant to sing in the same key
Or the same voice or the same language
We are unique individual expressions
Singing of union in a Godzillion voices
We are here to bring awakening within ourselves
And in doing this we achieve harmony with everything 
We become the most glorious luminescent song of our cells 

And in that 
We sing for the stillness 
We sing for the tone of One 

The Ahbwoon 

The Aum

The union of sacred masculine and divine feminine 
Lay in the song of our cells 
Where there is no gender, no race
No right, no wrong 
No shape

Just vibration

Just song 

The beautiful song of our cells

They all sing to each other

As the Universal Soul

And this sound
The sound of the universal soul 
Is the
Song Of Our Cells

We are the singing
Of our soul

And it is not our soul that leaves our body

It is our body that leaves our soul

We don't have a soul 

We are a soul

Our Soul is the conductor 

In the symphony that is 

The song of our cells.


The stories that we tell ourselves 
Are some of the strongest Illusions we create 
For there's a story inside every story
And there's a fate inside every fate

There's a way we think it should go 
Then there's a way that it seems to come 
And never the twain shall meet 
Until we have unified as One 

This illusion of separation 
This sense that something is happening To us
Is but a confirming delay for our wholeness 
As these persistent Illusions move through us

For until we see the illusion no more 
Only the truth of the moment to be 
Shall we realize that Nothing is happening TO us
It's happening FOR us... Eternally 

Each character that we play
And every actor we've assigned 
Play the roles that show us ourselves
Until we are no longer blind

Then... we see through God's own eyes 
How the union is so complete 
And every doubt we've ever had 
Suggests a lesson quite incomplete  

For until we see that we are all 
Including every judgment we've ever made 
We shall dance inside these illusions
Deliriously dismayed 

Judging things with right or wrong 
And labeling good or bad 
These are the mayhem of mythos 
These illusions that drive us mad 

For each of us are Saints 
Who often believe we are sinners 
And though a thousand lives we've lived 
We are forever just beginners 

We are playing every role 
We are the gist of every story 
We are the Anger in our Agony 
And the God within our Glory 

For everything we need to know 
Is already deep within our clay 
Let's watch the stories we tell ourselves
And not allow them to guide us astray

For we are more than the stories we tell 
We are The Source from whence they arrive 
And Source has no need for mayhem

Or the Mythos that keeps it alive.

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  1. Thank you Setu.. Thank you Scott.. An honor to be represented in this illustrious publication.. Much Love..🙏🌹.. Michael Burke


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