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Santasree Chaudhuri
Every morning I search my home,
Under the rubble- underneath the giant uprooted trees
Wonder curiously,
Is it under the vast stagnant water, flooded the village
Ravaged our dreams.
My mother Durga and me, Saraswati
Daily wage earner in a orange brickfield
She sent me to school
We were happy –contented - joyful
With few pots and pans
Some puffed rice and barley
My favorite jiggery from sap of palm trees.
Now confined in a building with many people
I miss my cow, checkered red sari, the Hens
My pussy- Ahhladi – the sweet furry mew
White and brown, with glowing eyes
I call her – but where is she hiding!
I miss my books –a poem of hope our teacher asked us to recite every night
Looking at the moon
Sometimes thin- occasionally round
Our neighbors giggled and explained the cycle
Mother, why are you silent all the time
Where have you kept your Smile the cruel winds must have carried it away to a distant land
Mother, do you have money in your Lakshmir Jhanpi !
Remember you said, “don’t’ touch, this is for our rainy days”
How will you find that tiny cane basket covered with red clothe
Blessed by Goddess of wealth;
I am homeless now,
My father died after I was born
My grandmother cursed me - girl child
But you loved me dearly, kept me warm in your soft lap
Mother, please answer…
Why are you sad
Where is the courage
One day, the water will surely recede,
We will find our hamlet and our belongings don’t’ worry – only believe
O Mother, I am hungry get me some food please;
I am tired of eating Kichdi, the mix of rice and pulses without vegetables
Okay leave it – no more tears
I am feeling sleepy now – stop crying,
Recite the “Poetry of Hope” loudly please,
Moonless night – let me dream.

Bio: Entrepreneur, Social Activist, poet. Founder Trustee Green Tara Social initiative, chairperson International women’s short film festival. Lives in Kolkata India. An avid traveler,Buddhist practitioner, advisor of art and culture.

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  1. So infrequently does a poet come along that can strike the forces of one's imagination with harmony and a deep thought provoking imagery. Santasree Chaudhuri, I thank you. I appreciate that you took us down a poet's road with love and compassion. Though we could feel the hardship, we also felt the bond of love. You did just enough. Knowing the balance.


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